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House rules for new characters

by Shesheyan

Abilities were rolled using 3d6 re-rolling ones. I gave them their constitution score + constitution bonus as starting HPs.

The Magic-User and the Cleric each can cast +2 level one spells per day because they have 17 on Intelligence (+2) and Wisdom (+2).

The Magic-User can cast three magic missiles per encounter (1d6+1) but he must hit using is Intelligence modifier (+2). He knows Light, Sleep, Shield and Detect Magic. He is allowed to wear a basic Leather Armour, use a staff, sling and dagger. He is an elf with infravision. Detect secret doors on a 14+. Languages: elf, orcs, hobgoblin, gnolls, common, +2 others.

The Cleric can cast three Cure Light Wounds per day. He starts with Inflict/Remove Fear, Detect Evil, Protection From Evil, Purify food and Water. The 2d6 Turning undead has been changed to d20 values roll equals or above (keeping the 2d6 odds) 9+skeletons, 14+ Zombies, 19+ Ghouls.

The Thief skills percentages have been turned into d20 values roll equal of above 12 (-2 dexterity)= 10+. Climb starts at 6 (-2 dexterity)= 4+.

The Fighter can make one free extra attack action per encounter. He continues to fight for one round after he reaches 0 HPs. He can chose to become the target of an attack instead of friendly target within 5', once per encounter.