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Campaign Journal

by Sheldon Morris

I thought it would be interesting to hear a bit about the campaigns of other Mystara gamers. What I got to thinking was "I wonder what part of Mystara some of the other people are using in their campaigns?"

So, if you're thus inclined, substitute yourself for Scooby Doo, and let us know what area(s) your group is having fun in. Maybe even some highlights or anything else you'd like to share. What is the year in your campaign? Past games are great as well, especially seeing as how not everyone is able to have one on the go.

At the very least, things posted here could serve as "news of NPC adventuring parties" or even the "tales that bards recite and sing" at Ye Old Tavern.

(I almost forgot to start it off)

Right now it is early summer in the year 1005 AC and the party is under the deserts of Ylaruam having some heated encounters with the Magians. Well, just their servants and followers so far, but next week will find them face to face.

The party is currently made up of, starting with the original members:
- Khalikov Kallmir (the "K" in Khalikov is silent), a Traladaran fighter from Verge, very hard and cold in the beginning has now come to understand the value of "lives",
- Rothrekr Ull Vaino, a Traladaran (Darine) rouge from ??? who calls Specularum home, and for some unknown reason is allowed to handle the group's collective funds, and
- Dyzek Iagar, again a Traladaran, who learned the arcane arts (and Karameikan laws and politics) from an expatriate Alphatian that works in Karameikos' government. Unfortunately, he fell to orcs while in Vestland during the Battle of Grimhild's Betrayal.

These three adventured in Karameikos for a while, then headed to Darokin, where they meet:
- Rainulph Orsonisen, a Vestlander fighter in search of his father's fate. He also fell during the Battle of Grimhild's Betrayal. Grimhild Nightsun was his cousin.
- Storvik Brynjolfson, a godi of Odin and from the same clan as Rainulph, sent to aid Rainulph in his search.

While in Darokin, an elf PC joined but then choose to leave these "immoral barbarians", and a Darokinian fighter joined the group just in time to return to Corran Keep and die trying to help defend it from humanoid attack.

The search for Rainulph's father lead the party to the lands of the Atruaghins where one of them joined:
- Nasouro Snakefang, an Atruaghin Wild-Warrior who was lead to believe by a shaman that he to search for the same time Rainulph's father was out searching for. This lead to some great roleplaying.

From here they travelled back through Darokin, and into Karameikos. There they were joined by
- Celesta Kallmir, the younger sister of Khalakov. Everybody knew that having a female (and Khalivov's sister specifically) was not the best idea but nobody dared speak up. Khalikov is very protective of her.

Then it was off to Thyatis, where Rainulph laid down some good coin to purchase (read, free) a slave of Northern descent. Thus joined:
- Tayla, an agile fighter, from where exactly, she didn't know.

Ironically, they spent some time as slaves in the colosseum, then, after finding Rainulph's father, sailed up into the Northern Reaches where they spent the winter, to witness the deaths of two members and discover that Tayla was pregnant with Rainulph's child. She stayed at his clan's home. By this time Rothrekr and Celesta have fallen in love, but the long, cold winter of Vestland helps cool Khalikov down, eventually. Now they have travelled down into Ylaruam.

That's the overview of where my campaign has gone. Maybe latter on I can throw in some more detailed events.