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Hule: linking the Known World and Savage Coast

by Roger Moore

I've been interested in Hule because it links up both the "Known World" area of Mystara and the RED STEEL setting, by being an enemy of both areas. I thought of a few ways for a DM to link the RED STEEL and (traditional) MYSTARA campaigns using Hule; perhaps others here can suggest more.

1. A Hulean spy ring operating in the Savage Baronies sends a team to Karameikos to steal a few special magical items that the ring needs to spy on some barons or attack an army base. The PCs become involved by tracking down the stolen items back to the baronies, where the Huleans are using them.

2. An Inheritor diplomat from one of the baronies comes to a Known World nation, and while talking with the PCs becomes the object of an assassination attempt. The poisoners are Hulean agents disguised to make it seem that another Known World nation committed the attempt on the ambassador's life. The PCs must help the diplomat get home to the baronies, though other Huleans might try to kill him. (He's been a pain in Hule's side.)

3. A bandit leader/thief from a barony travels east to a Known world nation. There, he hires the PCs to be his guards, and they have a chance to discover that he is really a marauder. The bandit stole some sacred items from a Hulean temple; if the PCs return them, they might prevent a new war between Hule and the baronies.

Um, okay, well, suppose there's a guy who is *pretending* to be an Inheritor from the Savage Baronies, and he looks the part and all, and he's probably going to fool the MYSTARA campaign PCs unless the players have read the rules for the RED STEEL set-up. So, this guy *pretending* to be an Inheritor is murdered, and the PCs go after his killers, then they find out (once they get to Hule or the Savage Coast) that the guy who was killed wasn't the guy he said he was, and things get really messy after that. THAT might work.