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Ierendi Jones: Raiders Of The Blackmoorian Ark

by Kevin Powers

1. Open on the Isle Of Dread: HIDDEN SHRINE OF TAMOACHAN (see adventure C1) being accompanied through the wilderness by a pair of Atruaghinians
2. Have Endi (or Endy if you prefer) met at the entrance to the SHRINE by a vicious Heldannic competitor
3. Endi finally makes his way to a rotten, unreliable Alphatian airship that has plenty of wear on it
4. Endi flies off, fending off snakes- "Jacques [his Nouvelle Averoignian friend] I hate snakes!"
5. Endi, teaching archaeology back at the Glantrian School Of Magic, is tracked down by government officials from the DDC (Darokinian Diplomatic Corps.): they inform Endi that the Heldanners may have discovered the actual location of the Ark Of Rocklin, the ancient toolkit once owned by Stephen "The Rock" Rocklin, engineer aboard the U.S.S. Beagle.
6. Endi sails for Qeodhar.
7. In Qeodhar, Endi meets an old girlfriend, Mirillia Ravenwood, a raven-haired Alfheimer. They flee together when a band of Heldannic Knights burst through the doors and start setting fire to everything.
8. Sooner or later, Endi winds up in Esterhold. Various marketplace deerings-do.
9. Endi heads far north, into old Thonian/Blackmoorian territory.
10. Endi winds up finding the Ark Of Rocklin, but the Ark is commandeered by the Heldannic Knights, who have by this point caught up with Endi.
11. Endi and Mirillia are bound to a post and shut their eyes as the Heldanners open the Ark.
12. A loud, mechanical voice shouts "PASSWORD."
13. The Heldannic Knights begin shouting out every conceivable word, failing utterly to answer the Ark properly. One minute later, laser beams shoot out from the Ark and kill every last Heldannic Knight present.
14. Endi and Mirillia return to Glantri City, where the Ark is placed in storage and shipped off to a remote dungeon in Klantyre...