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Immortal Projects

by Sean Meaney


"So Korotiku...You made these Insects Giant by giving them a high Oxygen environment to live in?" Petra stared at the giant Dragonfly in the high oxygen containment area.
"Oh yes." replied the Immortal. I'm developing a closed ecosystem in this isolated little valley in the Brasol Mountains." He looked up at the mile high Trees of the Forest.
"Ilsundal grew the trees for me...from some seeds I found in a glacier."

DM Briefing: Korotiku and Ilsundal are working on a project involving a primordial forest with Giant Insects. Growing in a Valley in the Brasol Ranges, the High Oxygen producing forest has produced giant insects (all insects come with the Gargantuan Template). The immortals have made sure Fire doesn't work anywhere in this valley to avoid an Oxygen burnoff. Visiting PCs are in for a surprise if they use fireballs.