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Immortal Aliases

by Marco Dalmonte

I'm showing you just the first instalment for letter A, so you get an idea of how I compiled it. I translated all that I could, but there may be other nicks that went under other letters of the alphabet because their translation in Italian is different
Btw, the names with an asterisk are NOT OFFICIAL. It means I've made them up to fill in some pantheons.
Between square parenthesis are the reference manuals where these immortals are detailed using that specific nick. For example, OHP means Orc's Head Peninsula, IM2 is the module Wrath of Olympus, CoM is Champions of Mystara etc.
Between the round parenthesis is listed the region(s) where said immortal is known with that nick.

Aegir*: see Hymir (Helskir, Northern Reaches)

Aphrodite [IM2]: see Kythria (only in IM2)

Agundji [OHP]: see Great One (Wallara Tribelands)

Ahmanni Turtle-rider [GAZ14]: Atruaghin Clans

Ahti*: see Protius (Autuusmaa)

Ait-tha [OHP]: see Talitha (Orc's Head Peninsula)

Aksyri [CoM]: see Ixion (Sind)

Al-Kalim [GAZ2, GAZ4, SCS, WotI]: Darokin, Gargoña, Ierendi, Saragón, Ylaruam

Alphaks [M1, M2, DotE, HW, WotI]: Alpha, Alphatia, Bellissaria, Dunadale, Esterhold, Alatian Islands, Ochalea (Hui Da-Zhi*), East Portage, Thyatis

Alphatia [DotE, HW, WotI]: Alphatia, Bellissaria, Gentle Folk, Alatian Islands, Ochalea (Yao-Lan Zi*)

Ambassador, the [SCS]: see Masauwu (Almarrón, Dunwick, Gargoña, Narvaez, Richland, Saragón, Texeiras, Thyatis, Torreón, Vilaverde)

Amon [HWR2]: see Odino (Nithia, Thothia)

An-Ying Zhu Hou*: see Aracne Prime (Ochalea)

Angrboda*: see Demogorgon (Norwold, Northern Reaches)

Apollo [IM2]: see Palson (only in IM2)

Apophis*: see Bachraeus (Nithia, Ylaruam)

Aracne Prime [M5]: Alphatia (Spider Queen*), Thothian Plateau (Night Spider), Cestia (Spider Queen*), Herath (Asharya), Ochalea (An-Ying Zhu Hou*), Thanegioth (Rakhnee*), Thothia (Night Spider)

Aravjuk*: see Harrow (Hule)

Arduinna [SCS]: see Diulanna (Robrenn)

Ares [HWR2]: see Bemarris (only in IM2)

Arik [B3, WotI]: Alphatia, Brun, Davania, Skothar

Arna [X8]: see Gorrziok (Teki-nura-ria)

Arnelee [IM2]: Dunadale, Helskir (Gna*), Norwold (Gna*), Ochalea (Han Li*), Northern Reaches (Gna*), Westrourke

Ashanti*: see Valerias (Cestia, Pearl Islands, Izonda, Tanagoro, Vulcania, Yavdlom)

Asharya: see Aracne Prime (Herath)

Asterius [DotE, HW, HWA1-3, HWR3, SCS, WotI]: Alphatia, Cathos, Five Shires, Darokin, Dunwick (The Merchant*), Glantri, Ierendi, Karameikos, Landfall, Meghala Kimata, Minaea, Milenia, Minrothad, Nithia (Zephyr), Norwold (Hermod*), Oceansend, West Portage, Richland (the Merchant*), Robrenn (Belnos), Sind (Kudesha, Murtijai), Northern Reaches (Hermod*), Texeiras (The Merchant*), Thothia (Zephyr), Thyatis, Traldar, Vilaverde (The Merchant*), Ylaruam

Athena [IM2]: see Lokena (only in IM2)

Atruaghin [GAZ14, HWR1, WotI]: Azca (Quetzalcoatl), Atruaghin Clans

Atzanteotl [GAZ10, GAZ13, HW, HWR1, OHP, WotI]: Azca, Jakar City-states, Atruaghin Clans, Jungle Coast, Schattenalfen Elves, Graakhalia (Skorpios), Nimmur (Menlil), Shadowrealm (shadowelves), Broken Lands (Skorpios), Northern Reaches (Ivaldi*)

Adventurer, The [OHP]: see Eiryndul (Aeryl)

Ayazi [CoM]: see Ixion (Sind)

Ayodhya [CoM]: see Ilsundal (Sind)