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by Glen Welch

Problem converted 5e Aasimir over is they are heavily tied to angels being FR races as written. The DMG version is pretty boring as well just get light and daylight spells as an ability. You'd want to give them something tied to the parent's sphere as well. 5E races all have +2/+1 stat bonuses and 3 or 4 abilities with a 4th ability if you break it down into subraces. I would do something like:

Demigod (or whatever name you decide on)
30 ft move
+2 to any stat of your choice that isn't tied to your sphere
+2 to the stat tied to your sphere: Matter +2 Strength, Thought +2 Intelligence, Energy +2 Dexterity, Time +2 Wisdom, Entropy +2 Constitution
Divine Health: You are immune to all forms of disease and magical aging
Divine Blood: When you roll your points, you can roll the die and decide to accept the die roll or take the average hit points option.

Sphere Abilities:
Matter: You have advantage on all saving throws or tests to avoid being knocked down or moved against your will.
Energy: You can see in the dark 60 feet as if it were bright sunlight.
Time: You have perfect memory, you automatically succeed any test to remember anything.
Thought: You can use your Intelligence modifier instead of Dexterity when rolling for initiative.
Entropy: When you hit a creature with a melee weapon or spell you can ignore any resistances or immunities the creature has. Resets on a long rest.