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Immortals & Domains - 5E

by Marco Fossati

Just thinking a little about immortals and domains in 5E

Here's a partial list of domains imo

Here's my personal list of gods&domains in 5E

Alphaks: Tempest, Death
Alphatia: Life, Light
Asterius: Trickery
Atruaghin: War, Life
Atzanteotl: War, Death
Eiryndul: Trickery
Faunus: Nature
Frey and Freya: War
Halav: War
Hel: Death
Ilsundal: Life, Knowledge
Ixion: Light, Life
Ka: Knowledge, Life
Kagyar: Knowledge, Light
Khoronus: Knowledge
Korotiku: Trickery, Knowledge
Koryis: Life
Loki: Trickery, Light
Nyx: Death, Trickery
Odin: Knowledge, War
Ordana: Nature
Petra: Life, War
Protius: Tempest
Rad: Knowledge
Rafiel: Knowledge, Light
Rathanos: Light
Razud: Knowledge, Light
Talitha: Trickery
Tarastia: Life, Knowledge
Thanatos: Death
Thor: Tempest
Valerias: Trickery, Light
Vanya: War
Zirchev: Nature, War