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When Immortals Dream

by Kit Navarro

It is not so much that Immortals sleep, but they do enter a form of consciousness that allows them an experience akin to what mortals know as dreaming. The Immortal Khoronus, Patron of Time and History and the Hierarch of the Sphere of Time, the wisest of the Immortals of Pandius and the closest one to true omniscience, had entered such a state.

So how goes the Mystara project?

It has been four billion years now ongoing-

And it still has not produced a substantial yield of Immortals!

We. have done. what we can.

We have even injected it with the alien energies-

The Beagle.

Bah! I have told you before that technology will only disrupt the system!

True. Mystara. is a mystical nexus. Its power. derives. from magic.

It is not even spinning properly.

We could simply adjust it like so-

The Fall of Blackmoor.

Do you see? Immediately the Immortal numbers multiply!

Indeed. Then the preparations. for their ascension. begins.


The Spheres! They are misaligned! The power source is wrong!

We are making adjustments now-

The Wrath of the Immortals.

Much better.

They are ready.

Yes, I can already see one of them now! He is dreaming about us.

Khoronus awoke from his Immortal reverie. It is for such as this that the Immortals of Pandius believe he is close to become an Old One.