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The Nature of Immortals

by jknotts

This is a compilation of how Mystaran Immortals are viewed by the various cultures. Please assist me by adding any additional views you have found. Also, I would like to develop speciality priests for each of these Immortals.


Thyatian: This Patron of Pure Evil causes death, destruction, and misery; his sect is illegal within the Empire, but it is still popular; it appeals to chaotics who hate Alphatia, because it is part of the dogma of the Alphaks that Alphatia Must Be Destroyed. Sphere of Death; Chaotic.

Alphatian: Though he is considered to be the destroyer of the First Empire and hated throughout Alphatia, Alphaks is followed by some chaotic clerics and magi-users of evil disposition. His presence has only been felt in the last couple of centuries; before that, it is assumed he was following the path to Immortality and then, perhaps, having a difficult time finding the descendants of the original Alphatians. His followers intend to help destroy the Alphatian Empire; for this reason, this sect is outlawed, and ruthlessly purged by the Empire whenever encountered. Alphaks I was emperor and led to the destruction of the Alphatian home world Alphatia. He led the Followers of Flame against the Followers of Air during the Year of Scouring. Those he led, banished him when they lost the war to the Air Wizards.

Karameikos: An evil Immortal devoted to the destruction of Alphatia, Alphaks continues to meddle with the sinking of that island continent. He is known as the Roaring Fiend, and his symbol is a horned skull against a phoenix-like flame.


Thyatian: He is the Patron of Trade and Commerce, and merchants pray to him. He is also the Patron of Thievery, and so, many of the devotions left in his temples are contributed by thieves. Sphere of Thought; Neutral.

Karameikos: The Patron of Trade, Merchants, and Thieves, Asterius is naturally venerated by caravan travellers, merchants, and robbers. His symbol is the moon.


Thyatian: Patroness of Will. This Hinterlands Immortal, whom the Thyatians are now eagerly studying, represents the belief that with enough willpower and determination, one can achieve anything. It is she who grants victory (or at least honour) to the hero who throws himself against impossible odds. Sphere of Thought; Neutral.


Thyatian: Patron of Warfare and Weapon Making. he was a hero to the native Karameikans of the ancient past; their king, he taught his people to forge bronze, then led them against invading beast-men. To the Thyatians, he exemplifies the teacher, who is also a warrior. Sphere of Thought; Lawful.

Karameikos: An Immortal of warfare, Halav is one of three major Immortals venerated by the Traladaran people. He and the others (Petra, the warrior priest; and Zirchev of the forest) have priests dedicated to their name in both of Karameikos major churches.


Thyatian: Patron of Elvenkind. His ways are followed by the elves in Thyatis, and by their friends, the Foresters, and by a few humans who have an affinity for the ways of the forest and nature. Sphere of Energy; Neutral.

Karameikos: The Patron of Elves, Ilsundal's name is recognised among the various eleven peoples. Other elven heroes and heroines have become Immortals for smaller followings.


Thyatian: Ilsundal is guarded and aided by Mealiden, a later elf-king who is said to have achieved Immortality.


Thyatian: Patron of Artisans, Patron of Dwarvenkind. His ways are followed by the dwarves in Thyatis, and by many races who have artistic learning abilities. Sphere of Matter; Lawful.

Karameikos: The Patron of Dwarvish Peoples and believed to be their creator, Kagyar is the archetypal craftsman venerated by the dwarves.


Alphatian: This Immortal concerns himself with animals and monsters of all kinds; he promotes the study of beasts, of observance of nature, and the preservation of woods and animal-kind. He is studied and worshipped by some elves and by many clerics, magic-users, shamans, and wiccas of the Nation of Limn and the City of Trollhattan. Sphere of Energy; Neutral.


Karameikos: The Patron of the Eternal Truth and the Desert Garden, al-Kalim has only recently attained his Immortality. He is closely connected with the people of Ylaruam, from whom he arose. He penned the Nahmeh, tome by which the Ylari devote their lives.


Karameikos: An Immortal who has given his name to the people of the Atruaghin Plateau, Atruaghin is in turn served by other, lesser Immortals.


Karameikos: An Immortal of Lies, Half-truths, Deception, and Politicians, Bozdogan enjoys being the object of far-off Hule's main faith, which has raised treachery to an art form.


Karameikos: Immortal of All The Dragons, Great One is served by three other Immortal Dragons: Diamond (lawful dragons), Pearl (chaotic dragons), and Opal (neutral dragons).


Karameikos: An Immortal of the Sun, Ixion's symbol is the flaming wheel. he is seen as a force in opposition to evil such as Alphaks.


Karameikos: Minroth is another Patron of Prosperity, but in this case, of the Minrothad Guilds, which venerate his name.


Karameikos: While the Glantrians dislike religion in general and priests in particular, they do have an embodiment of the source of magic, known as the Radiance. Rad was the personification and control of this force, but has not been heard from since the recent War of the Immortals, which caused the disappearance of Alphatia and the appearance of the Great Crater. His whereabouts are unknown.


Karameikos: Patron of the Shadow Elves, little is known of Rafiel save that the Shadow Elves are his chosen people, and his symbol is a book with a star on the cover.


Karameikos: The Patron of Law and Order among the Ethengarian peoples, Tubak is a harsh, but fair Immortal. Other Ethengarian Immortals are Yamuga (Patroness of Prosperity and Renewal) and Cretia (Patroness of Jokes and Punishment).


Karameikos: The Patroness of Romance and Passion, Valerias' name is evoked by Thyatians and others in the name of love. Her symbol is the thorny rose, symbolising beauty and its threat.


Wee Folk: Patron of Herding, Hunting, and Husbandry (especially sheep herding), and the possible inventor of poetry. Those who honour him, seeking his assistance, celebrate two winter festivals, the Faunalia, in his honour. On these days, the country folk sacrifice goats, wine, and milk, and hold various games. Faunus may send his followers prophecies by the sounds of the forest or by dreams.


Aquatic Elves: In Immortal of the Aquarendi.


Special: Senior Patron of the Natural World. Fond of dragons and sponsored the only dragon Immortal, The Great One. Those of this order revere open mindedness above others and although primarily elvish, other races do belong.


Special: There are clerical orders which serve a cause rather than one of the Immortals. Yet, Immortals sympathetic to their cause will often grant them powers.