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My Take/Some Random Thoughts on Immortals and Other "Stuff"

by Joseph Setorius

So let’s get deep and esoteric about Mystara…

Light, or the movement/illumination of atomic and sub-atomic particles create light and Energy.
Matter, is the reality/being of light and Energy. At slower “speeds” this fundamental element makes up the physical material of the universe. Yet without Thought and, Distance and Time, Matter has little form or “use.” Thought gives Matter “purpose” and organization. A blue-print of creation and creative forces. Distance gives Matter dimension, shape and form. Allowing it to be seen and recognized.

Time is what happens, or takes place when Matter moves or takes on dimension. Take a penta-quark of Matter, and it creates sub-atomic particles and thus atoms. A singular point in reality. But what happens when the singularity combines itself with other atoms, or travels throughout creation/the universe?
Drag a point and you get a line. Which creates Distance. The event itself, as it elapses, creates Time. Or perhaps it is the other way around. Time creates change and Distance. As atoms do not stay in stasis, they move and collide with other atoms, creating energy, light, and larger molecules.

Time and Distance give either a non-linear reference, in some outer planes; or a linear reference, in the Prime Plane. With this reference thought is able to “move forward,” creating logical patterns in the universe. This thought gives specific forms to Matter.

Each of these Sphere’s claims to be the Prime Element of creation. But in reality (pun intended), none of these spheres of existence could exist without the other. Thought without Energy, Matter or Time either diminishes, or “(accomplishes/achieves/completes/does/realizes)” nothing. Time (has no meaning/does not exist) without Thought, Energy and Matter. Neither does Distance for the “matter.” (Another interesting unintentional pun!) Matter has no form or dimension without Thought, Energy, and Time/Distance.

Yet is Distance another sphere of power? Or simply an aspect of Time?
As far as that goes…how does magic or possibly anti-magic and “mana” fit into the multiverse?
Are they the province of the Draconic Realms? Or at least magic?
What other Basic Spheres of Immortals or Greater beings do you see existing?
What’s Yr take on Cassavetes? Just kidding…

Light, or the movement/illumination of atomic and sub-atomic particles creates light and energy.
Therefore…Dark Matter, on the other hand absorbs light and energy.

When in stasis, Dark Matter embodies evil. The same events playing out in the timeless dimensions of the abyss/hell (or some other word for Mystaran demonic realms of pain and suffering). Hel and Thanatos belong to this “clique” of Evil. Death and Reincarnation, and the continuation of events embodying pain and suffering are their bailiwick.

Nyx; however, is more interested in the continual process of change and creation in Dark Matter. When in motion, combining Thought, Time and Distance, and Energy; Dark Matter is the substance which comprises the Plane of Nightmares, and possibly all creatures of Shadow. As Dark Matter streams across the universe, imbuing different areas with its energies, Dark Matter forms “undead/unliving” forms of life. This comprises, Creatures of the Night and Shadow, and the Nightmares that often lurk among them. They celebrate the dark, not suffering and pain. Though by their very nature, they are at odds with creatures of light, and as a consequence, may bring pain and suffering to them; just as creatures of the night and shadow experience the same from creatures of light.

When Dark Matter absorbs energy and then itself, and ceases to exist, this is “True” Entropy, which is not death and rebirth, or even darkness; but the complete destruction, and then non-existence of reality/creation. This is why I feel Entropy is a bad name for the entire sphere, as it is only (I feel) one aspect of _____? [Darkness/Dark Matter]
Perhaps Alphaks (the Dark); or as of yet, an unknown fallen Old One being the true force manipulating Alphaks; is the force/being simply seeking an end to all. Spurned as he/she/it was during the genesis of creation. If its ideas could not exist, then none would.

The Outer Beings…and why they can’t really manifest in the Prime Plane is because their being doesn’t really make sense on the Prime Plane any more than that of the Old Ones would make in theirs. They are “kept out” simply because of their nature. Perhaps this is why they make forays into the Prime. To change its reality into one more like theirs, gaining them more “prestige” and “power” throughout the multiverse. If Outer Beings have any purpose at all.

If I were to use Outer Beings in my campaign, they would rival the power of the current Immortals, or the societies of previous ones. Yet the Old Ones have greater power over them in the Prime, simply because it was they who were tasked with creating the order that would “rule” all of the universe.

As Christianity has nine (?) orders of Angels; with the “Host of Seraphim” being the top order, and only Seraph himself being able to look upon God, or withstand his presence; do you think Mystara’s version of reality has beings/a being greater than Old Ones?

My thought on this are yes…but what are they called? I am kind of “against” a singular entity being the highest order of things….though in many monotheistic and polytheistic religions, there is usually a being of greatest power. I; however, like to think that there is a group of the highest order embodying the basic principles and “elements” that make up the different sphere’s and elements of the Universe. Or Mystara’s part of it.

Some possible examples. The Beings of Thought, Time/Distance, Energy, and Matter. Or possibly the “basic” drives of all beings inhabiting the Prime and Outer Planes. I am curious if others have thoughts on the basic driving forces of man. Have I even remotely described them? Love/Hate, Desire/Apathy, Knowledge/Ignorance, Power/Pacifism, Creation/Destruction, Fame/Obscurity, Discord/Harmony

And the methods of achieving these seven basic paths and their compliments: Pride/Shame, Sloth/Success{Toil}, Gluttony/Denial, Wrath/Docility, Greed/Immaterialism,
The “Seven Deadly Sins” and their inverses/complimentary natures.

This Highest Order would have set events in motion, with the Order beneath responsible for creating the interwoven basic principles dictating the nature of the Multiverse.

The next perhaps laid down the laws of nature, physics and math in the Prime, while lower still were the Old Ones, responsible for actually carrying out these laws. Thereby creating Energy, Time/Distance, and Matter, which made all the forms existing in the Universe. Star nebulas, galaxies, and other phenomenon.

It was the first group/society of Immortals that created the individual Solar Systems and their planets, and perhaps a second saw to the creation of individual planets. Yet their work completed they ascended to the realm of the Old Ones. It is the current “crop” of Immortals, that have been responsible for creating life, and seeing that it progresses along natural processes, as well as giving them reverence. Mystara’s embodiment of stewardship and consciousness. Perhaps the denizens of Mystara gain theirs from the Immortals? Or does this exist as a general principal of the Universe? I often wonder were my own comes from…

This is why the technology of Blackmoor, and the “Dark Matter/Anti-Magic” tendencies of the Nithians resulted in their destruction. Although the Blackmoorians brought about their own demise, the current Immortal society kept their charge (of Mystara), and will continue to do so until technology “naturally” progresses and overtakes magic. The technology of Blackmoor, came from another world, and therefore disrupted the “natural” progression of things. On the other hand, the Nithians delved into the Third Realm (not to be confused with Third Reich…Ha ha…meh) of Darkness/Dark Matter. True Entropy. And thus were made to suffer the consequences. Their fate…total annihilation from history. Which is perhaps the recording of Though, Time/Distance, Energy, and Matter. [I’m probably guessing they destroyed any lexin living there as well! ?]

When technology does overtake magic, it is thought among exalted beings, that the current Immortal society will release their charge. Either ceasing to exist, or progressing to a higher realm. Perhaps the current Hierarchs are already on the path to doing this? (Ixion, Korotiku and Odin, Khoronus, Terra, and Thanatos.)

Draeden(s) perhaps existed among/as one of these higher orders, but envisioned different laws/plans for the Universe. And as such were “robbed” of some of their former power as punishment. In fact, when Dragonkind manifested itself, perhaps this is when they warred with Draeden. Draeden wanting more magic, or some other aspect, instilled in the Universe. And Draeden and Dragons…the higher/original forms of, not the mortal beings existing on Mystara…warred over this power, both being made...imbued with it, and hence their shared lineage/connection?




Here is a tentative “list” of how I might “order” the different “realms” of existence:

The “Corpus Omniscient Absolute” “Sine Qua Non” (Heh…?)
The “Principles Maxim” Draeden(s) were originally of this order
The “Ultimate/Supreme Fundamentals”
The “Engineers/Creators/Architects”
“Old Ones” The Outer Beings in their own existence/realm
Immortals, Draeden and Exalted Dragonkind. Also Outer Beings in the Prime.
Perhaps a level of Immortal beings and larger than life Heroes exist here. Elves in the Twilight Realm, “Demons” of the Abyssal Planes, Nightmare Creatures, Vampires in/on the Plane of Shadow.

BTW…I don’t think any of these names are really good, and am interested in other peoples’ opinions. Assuming any exist at all.

I have never been a big fan of trying to incorporate relationships between worlds from different solar systems. In my opinion combining fantastic/fantasy and science-fiction worlds, unless created by the same author or group of authors, waters down the unique aspects of these places. I was not a big fan of the 2nd Edition Complete Elves Handbook which strove to find connection with elves from Oerth to Athas. I think it is better to create the mythos for each of these places separately. That being said, if two worlds were developed side by side. ? Aaah…contradiction. Yet perhaps we are vast, and contain multiples and have ROOM to contradict ourselves!

I guess it just seems more “logical” or “reasonable” to create a separate mythos for individual fantasy settings. I like the dynamics of Mystara’s Immortals; along with the Old Ones, possibly being the next “order” above them; and even the possibility of The Outer Beings.

I like to think, with regard to the Mystara creation theory, that the original or first Old Ones (and perhaps many of them remain Old Ones) were the beings that created the galaxy, or at least brought together the elements making up the solar systems. Yet they took no interest in its (future) life forms, or smaller categories of life/existence that was going to exist there. Perhaps not even creating the individual solar systems.

The Immortals came along and created the solar system and Mystara, probably one from each sphere as this would be necessary to provide all the necessary elements for the planet’s creation. Yet these immortals were not the immortals of “today” (1000 AC), they were the Prime Immortals. Or perchance Prime Mordials? Perhaps there have even been other sets/groups at different era/epochs in the planets progression/evolution. My thoughts were, more elemental based Immortals existed during the different eras of the earth’s creation. In fact maybe they weren’t even called Immortals, or were perhaps the beings that became the elemental rulers and “royalty” of those planes. Each having a golden age, before yielding to the next.

Fire led to earth, led to water, led to air. Or more scientifically, in the beginning stages of the planet, when volcanism was at its peak and meteors rained down on the planet, this was the domain of fire and energy. As the planet cooled, yet before organic life evolved, earth-based elementals and creatures strode the earth. I categorize these primordial earth-based creatures, first in two categories, as Megalithoids and Dolmen. Megalithoids being the larger more powerful species, and Dolmen being the smaller. Perhaps none of these beings exist today, yet plausibly evolved into some earth-based creatures still inhabiting Mystara today. Rockmen and Giantoids? Then came the time of the water elementals, cooling the planet further and eroding away the dominion of the Megalithoids. Lastly as lingering gases from volcanism, and water vapor coalesced above the planet’s surface, an atmosphere took shape, and cloud kingdoms ruled over the planet. As organic life developed, the elemental rulers retreated to their home planes, yet still keeping an interest in the planet as many of their kind remained.

The current batch of Immortals, or the Era/Epoch of Pandius began perhaps with the first life-form. In this first moment of “time” Khoronus and Odin, Ixion and Valerias gave this genesis of creation their power, helping to create the process of evolution. While Valerias lent her passion, Terra, the first and only life-force to become a true (not elemental) Immortal lent her power from the Sphere of Matter, while Thanatos intervened to make sure life remained true to the principals ruling the rest of the universe. Everything exists as a cycle.

Originally from the lexin material/article:
[I realize Aaron Allston was trying to be amusing with Khoronus’ history, and he was, but Khoronus became Immortal at the first spark of life, though he existed in *another form before this. As did Ixion, Odin, Thanatos, Hel, and Valerias. The verdict is still out whether Korotiku was indeed a planar spider or one the *Myainoor (Myanoor/Ainoor). Yet the Blackmoorian character described in Khoronus’ history might have become Immortal with Khoronus’ sponsorship!]

Though Terra began her existence on the Elemental Plane of Earth, and fought her first battles there, she followed many other Heroes of her plane to the Prime, and on Mystara defeated “a creature from the Plane of Fire”. Because this event took place on Mystara, that is why she became bound to and interested in the planet. The creature wasn’t necessarily evil as stated in the Codex of the Immortals, yet it was destroying earth-based creatures…so from her perspective. The Fire Elementals were trying to hold onto their reign of the planet as long as possible, and it was only through the efforts of Heroes like Terra that they were defeated…and the planet evolved. “One of their greatest Heroes” was an alkaline being known only as another name for earth. Terra.

Perhaps Ordana did not create the Elves, she only led them to Mystara, down the Celestial Stair. So no there is not a stairway to heaven, but there is one to the Twilight Realm. (Sorry about that last sentence…)

The Twilight Realm rests upon the Elemental Planes. While the Celestial Plane lays “above” it. The Plane of Shadow (Darkness) hangs beneath the Elemental Planes, while the Plane of Nightmares is shrouded “below” it. Twilight being the period after sunset or before sunrise, when there is more light than dark, and Shadow being the reverse.