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Timeline of the Immortals

by LoZompatore.

I made such a timeline some months ago in the Italian Message Board. Here is a translated summary of all the events I was able to find. I'm not sure if Marco included some bits of this timeline in his Immortal Codex or if he simply used the same official references I used.

As far as I know, the official supplements with info about Immortal's history are these (with pages references, if you'd like to check):

WotI, Codex of the Immortals (pages 12, 128)
WotI, The Immortal's Fury (for the events of the Wrath of the Immortals - the whole book)
Immortal Set, DM's manual (especially pages 38, 39, 40, 43 and pages 10-15)
PC1 (pages 23, 42)
PC3 DM's booklet (pages 9, 40, 42)
Hollow World boxed set, DM, manual (pages 4, 5, 6)
M3 (about the Carnifex exile - the whole module: it may be connected with the lizardmen civilisation described in references in GAZ2, GAZ4, PC3, HW boxed set - the latter with the references to "desert" and "ocean" subspecies of lizardmen now extinct in the Outer World )
AC10 (about the Giant's era - pages 3, 4, 42)

A rough scheme of the information depicted in these supplements may be such this. I tried to build a logical succession of events, but many of these entries do not have an accurate chronology. In the list I also included the ancient Eldar's events described in the Dragonlord Trilogy:

*** - Creation of the Multiverse (and of megaliths). Age of the Old Ones;
*** - Creation of the Vortex; the Old Ones retire behind it and leave the first five dimensions to other creatures;
*** - Age of the Draedens (and of dragons?); the Multiverse is nearly empty of elemental matter;
*** - Appearance of the first Immortals; they are related to the four elemental spheres (Matter, Energy, Time, Thought) and most of them (but not all of them) are of chaotic nature; being such as Ixion, Korotiku, Thanatos, Odin, might belong to this generation of Immortals;
*** - War between the first Immortals and the Draedens; dragons stay neutral; the Draedens lose the war and retire in faraway places of the Multiverse; the Immortals take over the Multiverse and start filling it with elemental matter;
*** - Diffusion of life in the Multiverse; the first Immortals originated from living being gather themselves in a fifth Sphere (the Sphere of Life, also called the Sphere of Integration);
*** - War between the chaotic Immortals (of Matter, Energy, Time and Thought) and the Immortals of Life. Some of the "old" Immortal change side, while many other stay neutral. After a long strife, the Life Sphere wins the war. The four original Spheres are reformed: they are filled with the winning Immortals (thus dispersing the Sphere of Life), while the losing Immortals are gathered in the newly formed Sphere of Entropy; neutral Immortals are reincarnated as "magical people" (fairies and the like), with diminished powers; they are allowed to regain their Immortal status when the actual "Big Cycle" of the Multiverse will come to an end, and chaos will be again the dominant element;
*** - Creation (or reshaping) of the External gathering Planes of each Sphere (Brynn, Draesten, Entrem, Mirage); the Entropic gathering Plane of Pyts might well be an existing stronghold of the losing "old" Immortals;
*** - Founding of the most ancient Councils and assemblies of the "new" Immortals, such as the Intrusion Council;

(While the events above regards the whole Multiverse, the point of view of the events in the following is restricted to Mystara and its surroundings)

*** - A group of Immortals allies with a megalith called Urt (Mystara) and starts to develop life forms in it (the Aquarendi among them). The original planet is uniformly covered with a global ocean, without continents;
*** - After a long quarrel, the Immortals decide to raise continents on Mystara. The Sphere of Matter declares the new lands to be under its control. This proclamation causes a long elemental war among the Immortal's factions;
*** - Before causing too much damage to the life forms of the oceans and continents of Mystara, the Immortals declare a truce. An era of prosperity starts on the planet: many Immortals create and nurture their own life forms;
*** - Birth of Ka (it becomes Immortal); smashing of the great meteorite and discovery of the hollow world inside Mystara;
*** - Reshaping of the hollow world under the joined efforts of Ka, Korotiku, Ixion, Ordana and Protius;
*** - Carnifex era. Struggle for power between the carnifex and the Immortals. The carnifex are exiled in the Pits of Banishment;
*** - Giants era. Some of them (Zalaj, Gorrziok, Hymir) become Immortals. The original cloud giants divide in many subspecies, which fill every available ecological niche and start to overpopulate the planet. After a terrible war between the cloud and the fire giants, which shatters the whole world, the Immortal alter the giants races so that they must depend on each other to survive. The Immortals create a set of flying castles for cloud and storm giants, having them to act as merchants and connectors between the many giant's subspecies;
*** - Evolution of modern humans and demi-human races (they originate before 10.000BC, as of PWAs descriptions about Neanderthal's disappearance). The ancestor of the elves, the Eldars, build a very powerful magical civilisation across the planet. The excess of magical power of some individuals causes the Eldar race to split in several different races (gold dragons, drakes and the various subspecies of elves, with some original eldars left);
*** - In 4500BC the Immortals launch their Spell of Preservation in the hollow world, to stop the evil Burrowers;
*** - In 4000BC an alien starship crashes on Mystara and self destroy itself to avoid major damages to the planet. The surviving engine is altered by an Old One as an experiment to "artificially" create new Immortals; such an artifact is called the Nucleus of the Spheres;
*** - In 3000BC the accidental self-destruction of Blackmoor force the Immortals to directly intervene on Mystara, to save as much life forms as possible. Closing of the old polar opening and creation of the new ones;
*** - Many Immortals abuse of the possibility of direct intervention on Mystara and start to give advantages to their own Spheres. A new era of elemental strife opens in Mystara, as Immortals of various factions fight among each other. The elemental upheavals last until 1700BC (causing the destruction of Taymora, lizardmen and possibly Tangor and Dravi civilisations), when a new truce is established and the Immortals avoid further direct interventions in the world;
*** - In 500BC many Immortals gather to destroy the Nithian civilisation, which has fallen to the entropic lords. The Spell of Oblivion is launched on the planet, to avoid the rebuilding of this culture;
*** - In 1000-1000AC a quarrel between two groups of Immortals about the use of the Nucleus of the Spheres degenerates in a full scale war among the populations of Mystara. The continent of Alphatia sinks in the ocean and the Immortal Rad is adsorbed inside the Nucleus to stabilise it.

That's all. If you know about some other hints/information about Immortal's history please let me know.