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Champions of the Spheres of Integration

by Håvard

This is sort of a counter topic to my thread about Demons/Fiends.

The first thing I wanted to talk about were Blue Imps from Gaz3. These are presented as the opposite of Red Imps. Red Imps collect souls. Once they collect 7 souls, they become fully fledged Demons. Although no such details were given about Blue Imps, my group always house ruled that Blue Imps saving a similar number of souls from the Red Imps would be similarly rewarded and might become Archons or Titans.

Have you ever used Blue Imps in your campaigns? Could these be a precedense for creating Devas for Mystara?

I have used the term Spheres of Integration (mentioned in PC1) for the Four Spheres opposing Entropy.

Exalted Level Champions

Titan, Matter WotI IMC referred to as Earth Titans
Titan, Energy WotI IMC referred to as Fire Titans
Titan, Time WotI IMC referred to as Sea Titans
Titan, Thought WotI IMC referred to as Storm Titans
Servitor, Matter (Construct) WotI  
Servitor, Energy (Construct) WotI  
Servitor, Time (Construct) WotI  
Servitor, Thought (Construct) WotI  
Dragon, Immortal Guardian Drm Unique servitors of the Great One
Saint B1 Any Sphere. More on saints.

Lesser Champions

Archon, Common Master Set, RC  
Archon, Bull Headed Master Set, RC Detailed as "female Archons"
Imp, Blue Gaz3 Lawful
Gretch AC9 Neutral, appears as Raven or Rat. Sphere of Time. Homuculus or Familiar.
Fylgar AC9 Lawful. Appears as winged child, raven or cat. Sphere of Matter.Homuculus or Familiar.
Aryth MMCA Sphere of Thought. Homuculus or Familiar.
Ulqaz AC9 Sphere of Energy. Homuculus or Familiar.

Named Champions

Balthac (Titan of Matter) WotI  
Centaurus (Titan of Thought) PC1 Being raised to Titan status is fan speculation
Sinian the Elf (Titan of Energy) IM3 Being raised to Titan status is fan speculation
Aurum the Gold Dragon (Immortal Guardian Dragon) IM3 Being raised to Exalted status is fan speculation
Ascalon the Cleric (Titan of Time) IM3 Being raised to Titan status is fan speculation
Sir Fain Flinn (Titan of Matter) Penhaligon Trilogy  
St. Kruskiev Dark Knight of Karameikos A saint.
St. Carmichael B1 A saint.
St. Cuthbert B1 A saint.
St. Chardastes B3, WotI Originally a saint. Later Immortal of Karameikos.
St. Moira the Pure N/A A saint. Fan created for the Specularum City Project
Saint Rybich of the Bay N/A A saint. Fan created for the Specularum City Project

See also this thread for a complete list of Immortal Level creatures.