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Immortal Spheres as Alignments and more!

by Greg Weatherup

Commenting on the Sphere alignment system.

interesting, though the "Philosopihcal" & "Spirited" labels don't match the spheres IMHO. I see "Philosophical" and think of "Thought" first, "Time" secondly. And "Spirited" I think of Energy first, Thought Second,

Let me throw up a table to see how some of these match the 2-axis system of AD&D, for the moment using the "Matter"-"Thought"-"Energy"-"Time" and "Creative"-"Entropy" labels...

LG Matter-Creative or Thought-Creative
LN Matter or Thought or Matter-(Thought)
LE Matter-Entropy or Thought-Entropy
NG Time-Creative or Thought-Creative
NN Energy-(Matter) or Thought-(Time)
NE Time-Entropy or Thought-Entropy
CG Energy-Creative or Time-Creative
CN Energy or Time or Time-(Energy)
CE Energy-Entropy or Time-Entropy
impossible Matter-Time & Energy-Thought

One's in Parenthesis are the dominated ones - and they occur in 2 types of places- choices where they are a 3rd choice (the only ones that have 3 match's) or True Neutral (where they are the only choices - and true neutral is supposed to be a tough balancing act). The two impossible combinations would be Matter-Time (LN?) and Energy-Thought (CN?).

This of course assumes that the "sphere's of Life" (="creative") is always "Good" and that "Entropy" is always "Evil". While that's not always true in real-life, I've got no problem with it being so in-game.

for a head start on some possible terminology for the combined one's, maybe something like this:

Matter & (Thought) LN Orderly?
Energy & (Matter) NN Quantitative? Analytical?
Thought & (Time) NN Philosophical
Time & (Energy) CN Dynamic
Matter & Time LN Stoic?
Energy & Thought CN Spirited

of course the last two are combinations of opposed spheres, but "Spirited" just fits the combination so good that I wanted to include it.