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Ist Campaign

by Neal Taylor

Part 1: The darker darkness

this group started back in 1986 and went through 1994.

Original 3 characters

Ist Mer Kell- Minotaur fighter from Minean forest. was slave in travelling circus, minotaur pirate, slave again, now seeking his way across the land.

Estabon Valar- Thyatian ex gladiator wise cracker- and bit of show off.

Majo- Tangor mage

The three adventures meet running into each other in a small forest community of Elantra in Skothar. The minotaur is one of the "dreaded horned ones" wild minotaur tribes that prey on villages to the south....that one has not been up in those parts is not recognized by the populace. Majo and Estabon agree to take the "dangerous" monster to the authorities only to help him.
as the three leave town they discover the true evil is soldiers in disguise.
The Black dragon society has a lt. in the area to round up some of the villager as slaves. That is what has happened to the villagers who's gone missing. Now they plan to take over the village. The trio organize some resistance with locals and attack Virgo and his henchmen only to find Giant spiders in the stable, pets of Virgo. after a brief fight. Virgo runs off vowing revenge. The three set off with a hero's send-off from Elantra, before the regular Alphatian troops arrive to clean up Virgo's men. As the three are on the trail from Elantra to the north, following Majo's intuition they are ambushed by a group of orcs. after making quick work of the orcs the trio come upon a slave gang led by Alphatians (I called the group of slaves Teoc, but I will use Jenn, I didn't have any info on Skothar at the time) This started the Teoc Saga (Jenn Saga). Majo, Estabon, and Ist all hated slavery so they attacked (plus they hated Alphatians too). They rescue a mage named Markest and a Jenn princess named Aleia. Aleia and Estabon began a relationship as the trio agree to help free her people.
Markest and Majo form a bond also. after freeing Aleia's brother- Alender, the six begin raiding Alphatian slave gangs, freeing the Jenn. Their trek takes them to the Silver mines, where a major strike ruins the mines and kills many Alphatians. The freedom fighting has swollen the ranks of the group's "army" and garnered the attention of the Alphatians who send in a death squad. After a violent fight with the 5 MU 8, the party survives with many dead Jenn including Aleia and Markest. Estabon is furious but no match for the fury of Alendar. Alendar leads a raid with the survivors and wipe out a small Alphatian town. The trio realize revenge is not the answer, plus Majo feels a pull to return to his homeland, so they leave the movement.

in the last post we began following the campaign I had with a minotaur, Tangor wizard, and an ex Thyatian gladiator we covered the first 7 sessions....with 2 main adventures

Adventure 1: meeting
Night of Beginnings
Trail Trap

Adventure 2: Teoc (Jenn saga)
Ruby ride
Sibling Strike
Free Fire
Silent Strike
Red Fury

we left the three adventures leaving two of their Jenn allies dead, and the other just fresh from a slaughter of Alphatians. though the three have grudges against Alphatia the slaughter wasn't right. While leaving the plains and entering the forest to the south again the party happens on a Jinn. Estabon lets his dreams run wild, but Majo and Ist are more grounded.
The Jinn's original owner finds Alphatian wizard...short fight, in which Majo and Ist set the jinn free to return home...a gesture not forgotten. During the struggle Majo receives a vision from "back home" and that he must return. this is a long quest in which his companions join him...along the road the party happen on a small fight between orcs and a Minean. the aid the Minean who name is Tzin, he is a down on his luck swashbuckler...a twin to Estabon except the dark hair...the two argue at first but become fast friends trading jokes...after making short work of the orcs, the search of the dead reveal copper coins with a dragon on the reverse....minted by the black dragon society....the four adventures set off toward Tangor for Majo's vision's sake, but also to learn more about their dark skinned companion. after a day of travel the party is assaulted by more orcs...after short work, a trumpet is heard in the back ground...Virgo has returned to with more of his black armoured troops- the fight is on, with the party making short work of the black dragon society troops until. an acid blast misses Tzin...."whoa" Virgo has a new pet, a small black dragon. the party retreats to the forest and must hide as they regroup. finding a small cave they readjust their bearings....and make a plan.. Virgo is searching for them with his "pet" He feels revenge is his....The party surprise Virgo and his pet when they re-emerge, Ist draws the dragon's attention as Tzin and Estabon go for Virgo....Majo stayed back and uses spells to bring two trees into the fray as giant spears that penetrate the tough scaly hide of the dragon, fatally wounding him. (the dragons in my campaign are very tough...needing +3 weapons are better to damage) so the party had to find a ingenious way to defeat him...they did well) Virgo escapes as Ist finishes off the dying dragon, to end the agony in return for the location of his hoard....finding the treasure the adventures take weapons to enhance their powers....using Majo's detection the party continues their journey....moving through the mountains and finally getting to the plains of Tangor. During the journey they have many run ins with orcs and goblins, even a minotaur tribe....Ist finds a companion Myra in this group and earns the tribe's approval in a honour fight. As the group comes into the plains a strange star is shining to the east. a group of Tangor warrior ambush the party, and are made short work of, Majo looks troubled by the warriors, but doesn't answer questions from his companions.
the party now consist of
Ist- Minotaur warrior
Majo- Tangor wizard
Estabon- Thyatian gladiator
Tzin- Minean pirate
Myra- Minotaur female warrior/cleric

the party is becoming irritated at Majo, his usual closedness is more infuriating since the party is in a land few of their kind have ever been, they want to know what is happening. two days later sounds of a struggle draw their attention....a group of three Tangor women and 7 children are being herded by Tangor warriors. then the warriors start beating the helpless women and children
Majo is angry and unleashes a magic missile killing one of the warriors...the other party members strike....the women speak a different dialect, but Majo understands them....the party wanting to know what is going on....are interrupted in their angry tirade at Majo by another party of tribes men and an angry looking chief....until he sees Majo. A strange look comes over his face....The warriors begin to move on the party and the party prepares to respond...when Majo calls a stop at the same time as the chief...strange words pass between them....then they embrace....the party follows the chief and warrior back to the village/town. it is very opulent for a typical village.......after rest, bath and a feast, Majo comes back to the party and tells the story....The chief's name is Juli-Den and is his brother.
Juli-den is ruling the village now and "leading" it to greatness. while growing up the two were close, but as they grew into manhood, Majo followed the mystics and Juli-den went the path of the warrior. but something is strange, and the story is not adding up....the women and children where rebels who defiled the village and were being executed. but the village folks have a haunted look to their eyes....Majo gives each of the party member bracelets that are enchanted to understand the language, but they are disguised as tribal adornment. they are not to let Juli-den know they understand his speech.....after some investigating in the village, the party discovers that Juli-den has been taken over by a minor demon....and is bent on a rule of terror by subjugating the nearby tribes into an empire....the nearby tribes are gearing to destroy the menace.....Majo is torn by his love for his brother and his honour. but finally when he sees "Juli-den" drop his mask for his true form to suck the soul of a sacrifice. he leads the party to action. The weapons' from the dragon's horde come in handy in defeating the demon and his minions....the tribe is grateful, but fearful as the surrounding tribes are still marching on them. Estabon must confront the warrior leader in a trial by combat to decide if the evil is over.
Estabon uses his gladiator experience to make it interesting and entertaining....with a victory though all is well...the tribe wants to make Majo chief, but his cousin is make chief instead....on a side note many young maidens are upset at the leaving of Tzin and Estabon. With sad conance the party begins their journey back toward the west.

well that is it for this instalment
it covers three adventures
Forgotten Forrest
Journey to Tangor
Majo's past

we left the party finishing confronting a demon who had taken over Majo's brother.
the party consist of
Ist- Minotaur warrior F9
Estabon- ex Thyatian Gladiator F9
Majo- Tangor wizard MU12
Tzin- ex Minean Pirate T11
Myra- Female Minotaur Cleric C8

The party begins their journey back to the west, while in a forest not far from Majo's village they encounter a strangely vicious Kobold, who is stronger and less cowardly. The party makes short work of the strange kobolds (the boor) and continues. while entering the broken lands they come upon a plateau. On the plateau survives a lost colony of Nithia- Mizpeh. It consist of a main town and surrounding villages. they come upon a slaughter in which they join the townspeople being slaughtered. they win and are taken to the village and learn of Mizpeh. The attackers are the Kassites- a mixed Oltec-Tangor barbarian tribe. The Kassites had discovered the location of the secret "city of the gods" and wanted to take it for themselves. The party is taken to Mizpeh proper, but on the way, word reaches of the Kassite slaughter of villages and their march on the main city. When the party arrives...there is mostly welcome because of their help to the village, but some are whispering of the "horned demon' let into the city. The main dissenter is the High priest Niebus. Niebus is upset at reforms of the present pharaoh and wants to keep power in his hands. he convinces the captain of the guard of the Kassites as being punishment for letting demons into the city. More refugees come into the city with tales of the horrors of the Kassities. The main Kassite horde arrives at the city and offers to spare the people if they surrender and become the slaves of the Kassites. As a token of what is to come if refused the heads of the villagers who died are flung over the walls. the first assault is repulsed thanks to the heroics of the party. Niebus finally convinces Mumbar the captain that the party must be killed. At a counsel of war the party volunteers to go out and kill the Kassite leader. Niebus surprisingly agrees. He has made a deal with the Kassites to aid them. He warns the Kassite leaders of when the party will try to attack him. the party is warned by a priestess of Niebus treachery and sneak out a day early. The early attack was successful and the party and pharaoh confront the evil priest the next morning. The party then leads the Mizpeh army to route the leaderless Kassites. The invaders wrought much devastation, and much must be done to rebuild the plateau civilization. Party is invited to stay, but decide to move on.

last time the party had just helped the Mizpeh defeat the Kassites and were still travelling west....there are still 5 members.....the party ran into some trolls and bugbears for the next couple of weeks, but as they began to come out of the mountains, more of the strange kobolds appeared...(these are the boor) and specifically attack the party. Bo-keem Marid, an Alpahtian MU who created the boor on another planet, has taken an interest in the party.
The party killed some of his boor who were looking for an artifact for him.
These attacks are more just a test of their mettle and to see if he should take the time himself to deal with them. He is on his path to immortality.
Judging them insignificant in his plans he moves on....but the party has had enough of round the clock attacks from out of nowhere by the strange kobolds. With Majo and Myra working together they deduce the "entrance" location of the boor into this world....a cave with a permanent gate set up between the worlds.....once again the familiar tug on Majo comes and he directs the party to taking the gate to close it, but unfortunately they are pulled through as the gate is closed. Now the party is stuck in a strange world....surrounded by the strange kobolds. Actually they are in a small tower in the middle of the desert where Marid settled for his experiments and studies. after a hard fight they escape into the desert, wandering and avoiding patrols of boor, the party travels for two weeks and finally come to a river following the river the party comes to a city, but a city of gnolls who are under the power of the Marid Empire. (please see my post on the boor to see their makeup and government. with that hope closed the party continues on and come to the sea where they discover a rag tag group of halflings. the halflings relate the story of who the boor are, and who controls them. This group has a set of scrolls that tells of how Bo-Keem can be imprisoned and locked away for 1000 years, but they can't read it....Majo and Myra work the scrolls to find that their is a cauldron that holds most of Bo-Keems strength. the cauldron must be put into the lake of steam in near the city of Rock Harbour in Easterhold. the problem is the cauldron of Iron is in Marid's tower in the centre of the desert.....the halflings tell of a human civilisation to the north over the sea that is gearing up to fight the boor as are the numerous Thri-Keen of the plains to the south. There are also a united force of Elves and Minotaurs to the east that may aid.

I will leave off here but will return with the party's adventures on the Boor home world....

The party travels eastward along the coast fighting boor patrols in search of the base camp of the humans....Two of the halflings go with them to introduce them as friends. The tale of the Humans, the Elenes, was related on this journey. It seems they are from islands to the north across the ocean.
they had established two colonies on the coast. One was overrun by the boor...the other is holding out, but awaiting help. The party enters the camp with the halflings and are welcomed. The commander is happy to see them as all warriors are needed for this foe. He explains that his force while strong is not strong enough to challenge the boor openly, especially in the desert that is their homeland. He is looking for adventures who will travel to the Mogli plains and try to enlist the Thri-keen tribes. (this adventure was inspired by Red Arrow, Black Shield) and the Il-Kar and Il-Kom (elves and minotaurs with Mayan type cultures) to the south east) the party was wary of the idea as they explained their new found knowledge on how to defeat the main threat...Marid....the Commander agrees to aid them if they will aid him....Majo explains the missions are important to them to the party....they decide to go the easy route first....the elves and minotaurs....Travelling by ship to lessen problems the party sets off....their two main problems have become four....Get the cauldron, get home, convince foreign alien civilisations to aid in a war.....The first major encounter at sea was by a giant squid like creature that attacked their ship....they survived but had to make landfall because of damage to the ship. deciding to go overland with three guides the party sets off.
the forest lands had given way to swampy terrain....Giant snakes and troglodytes harried the party till they reached a jungle.....they were nearing the Il homelands....suddenly they were confronted by a large image of a bearded Alphatian....Marid....who dares invade my world and interrupt my plans....I was prepared to ignore you, but now you will that moment a horde of boor attacked....the party was hard pressed.....and defeat was coming quickly....Myra had fallen and Estabon had taken a nasty cut to the thigh...then they were rescued as a large party of minotaurs attacked the boor....surprise is registered at the end of the battle as the party is taken to the local village and then to meet the High priest....after a meeting it is decreed that their must be a imperial bout to determine how the Il-Kom should respond to the offer of cooperation....the bout will pit the two champions of the arena against two of the party....since they are fighting minotaurs Ist want to go in, but they decide on letting Estabon (newly healed) and Tzin who have more experience fighting in an arena....The battle is long and dramatic as the minotaurs are definitely stronger and more powerful, but Tzin and Estabon are a good team with theatrics that win over the crowd. Finally Estabon uses two tricks to force his opponent on the ground behind Tzin's. Tzin then rushes and pushes his over the fallen minotaur. instead of killing the opponents as the high priest wants the two adventures show mercy and gain the crowds favour....the two champions were favourites....the high priest agrees to aid and coordinate with the Elenes in attacking the Boor. Next the party is taken to the Il-Kar ambassador....while waiting for the trip to the Elves capitol, the party learns of a plot by some of the lower priest to aid the boor...they have become agents of Marid....exposing the plot is tricky as two of the plotters are wives of the High priest....utilising the help of the Il-kor ambassador and friends they had made in the city...the plotter are finally exposed as they try to kill Majo (the biggest threat to them) while the High priest is watching.....with the treachery exposed and the evil shown their is an upheaval in the ranks, but now they are without the taint of Marid. now the party enters Il-Kar, here they High priest has heard of their exploits in the sister kingdom, but here beauty is valued......and so two of the party must preform in the Theatre for the crowds.....something of beauty...this was harder, as the party is mainly warriors with Majo and they are the ruff outdoor type...but surprisingly Myra is a singer as is Majo.....they get on the stage and sing through a duet that surprises me and the crowd....the have the high priest in tears as they finish. The Elves and minotaurs are definitely gonna join the coalition. the easy part of the mission is over as two of the guides are teleported back to the Elene camp with a couple of the elves and the hard part of the journey across land to the Mogli plains and the barbaric Thri-Keen

I really liked a Greek/Mayan civilisation of minotaurs and I've always wanted thri-keen in my campaign so I brought them into the campaign this edition adventure overland, Bo-Keem, and the Thri-Keen.......I hope you enjoy

the party has just gained the aid of the Minotaurs and elves in the war against the they begin the overland journey. leaving the Il lands and travelling through the jungle lands toward the west the party is led by 2 halflings, 1 Elene, 1 minotaur, and 1 elf. Many strange animals and plant life take the wonder of being on a strange world....even a strange green dragon....this is a jungle dragon.....after overcoming the dragon...the party come upon strange symbols and a paved road in he middle of the jungle.....their newest allies seem afraid and warn the party to steer northward, but the road is too inviting. after a day's travel....they find out who built this, the Zinj, a gorilla like society that has a roman type civilisation. the Zinj are too powerful and numerous for the party to overcome. Taken prisoner back to the main city, the party is amazed at the "civilisation" before them in the middle of a "trackless" wilderness. As the Prime Counsel is deciding what to do with the prisoners......the Boor attack the city. Marid has not been idle during this time, yet he has many concerns....tracking the outsiders to the jungles he sent out a force to stop them. During the battle many Zinj die, yet with the help of the party the Boor are beaten and driven back to the north. The Zinj though not as numerous as other people now decide to use their legion in aid of the Alliance.....The party's companions are very bickeous....the Elenes are a very religious group and kinda arrogant, the elves and minotaurs have old civilisations that look down on the others, the halflings have a super sense of urgency and revenge.....and the a Zinj warrior is added to the mix......some adventures are sidetracked by trying to keep peace in the ranks....coming to the edge of the jungle and nearing the mountains...the group is attacked by a savage group of jungle orcs....after a sharp battle the group moves into the mountains and find the ruins of the Drarven civilisation that once lived there......their guide are just as puzzled by the empty they travel through.....clues are found that lead the party to a mine complex....and the boor. The boor had conquered the drawves and now use them to mine steel and weapon forging.....The party decides to try to free the drawves and to gain a new ally.....using a unique plan the party gains the trust of most of the drawves and free them, yet a few are underlings of Marid.....and the plan is foiled.....but a lot of the mine is collapsed....many drawves have died, yet many more are still prisoners.....and will be used to dig out the mines...yet the actions have crippled the boor war machine in cutting down the number of weapons manufactured. dispirited the party moves on out of the mountains and into the plains to the they are coming out into the plains another group of Boor attack, yet this time Marid sends a kind of is a special golem that houses part of his spirit. the battle is extremely hard yet the party comes through but with great loss, the halflings and the elf are killed along with Tymon a henchman from Jenn.....with the strange properties of this world, there is no way to bring her back.......Saddened by the loss at the mines and now the loss of a comrade....the party determinedly moves on.....Ist takes the loss hard as he and Myra were moving to become mates.....coming on a river flowing south and a new civilisation of Lizard men (they have an Egyptian type culture minus the desert) the lizard men aid the group and send them on their way into the Mogli plains and to the Thri-Keen.....The thri-keen are a nomadic tribe culture similar to the Huns and Monguls of the steppes. The party moves out but has very poor results....the thri-keen are not very friendly or receptive...though they don't like the boor....they really don't like anyone.....the party is force to flee....with the thri-keen on their tails....moving northward toward the Boor lands and the coast.....the party has one close call after another with the horde of Thri-keen after they are fleeing Majo has inspiration to use the horde to their lead them into Marid and the boor armies....using one enemy against another....while the boor are fighting, the party then tries to take the cauldron and make it back to Mystara.....As the party moves into mountains again, the Thri-keen do not stop, yet are slowed moving in strange terrain....Marid has returned with the loss of his "avatar" and being to prepare for the party....he knows their true goal since he created the rumour of the cauldron to draw out his enemies....up to this point the party has faced many disappointing events....yet the horde was something that worked.....the Thri-Keen smashed into the boor armies with as a thunderous wave....this is massive simular to the east front of WWII......Marid's attention was drawn, because of the massive nature of the invasion allowing the party to find and enter his tower......they find out the truth as he gloats when he realises what has happened The party with their allies find a way to escape the dungeon and destroy the "body" of Marid yet not kill him entirely......they move out to the desert and survey the devastation caused by the two massive armies meeting....all the way to the river and to the coast bodies lie deep...and putrid.....soon the party arrives back at the Elene camp and deliver the bad and good news....the party is congratulated on their work...and are updated on the results of the new alliance...the elves and minotaurs with the aid of the Zinj have closed the mines of the drawven slaves for good. As the party rest and decide what to do next they are met by a strange visitor.....a female is Myra their old companion and Ist's mate....she tells a tale of waking on the blessed isle and now is sent back to "show" the party home...she opens a gate and the party arrives back near the cave where they first entered the boor world....Myra then disappears.

well the iron cauldron was full of disappointment and loss, yet the party they are back on Skothar and next instalment will continue their adventures....

the party now consist of:
Ist Male minotaur fighter (F)
Estabon Male Thyatian ex-gladiator (F)
Majo Male Tangor mage (MU)
Tzin male ex Minea pirate (T)

The party has just arrived back on Skothar, due to the help of the deceased Myra...who is now a minion of her Immortal patron. As they move back to the west toward the Jenn/Alphatian lands the party comes upon strange purple stones...not gems, but glowing stones. Majo determines they are not dangerous...Tzin and Estabon who are very playful and roguish pick some up for 'future use'. as they continue they are attacked by Gamulli and his Black Dragon Society henchmen...the stones were pieces of a meteor that had hit nearby while the party was off on the Boor homeworld.....The society had found them at the behest of one of the "leaders" because of a strange enhancement they have for mind control spells. Gamulli is higher up than Virgo was and proves to be a major thorn. Gamulli uses the stones he has to enthral local villagers to become cannon fodder in attacking the party...a semi-fight continues as the black dragon thugs have some giant spiders as well as three small black dragons to aid them. the party fresh off epic adventures have become powerful so the fights are fierce but they are careful not to kill the villagers...the fierce fighting cannot be contained before an entire village is devastated. Finally the party is able to kill the spiders and two of the dragons through ingenuity....and avoid killing the villagers that have been enslaved. but seeing the devastation the party decides to move on after stealing the remain stones from Gamulli while he is in a fit of rage. they begin leading refugees to an Alphatian outpost before Gamuli can return with reinforcements. None of the party is too keen on the Alphatians so as they near the outpost, they slink away back to the wilderness...soon the are nearing Elantra...the village where Ist first met Majo and Estabon and had a run in with the BDS (Black Dragon Society). The villagers remember the heroes and welcome them with open arms...the old farmer who was a major aid in fighting the BDS is now the headman....The town is having another seems that every time anyone from the village goes up near a certain cave they come back with a memory loss and would be of no importance but the cave is near one of the best fishing spots on the creek near the town...the heroes are called upon to find the cause......Entering the cave the four heroes are met with their deepest fears....and seem to be separated from each other....(this adventure was played near Halloween, lots of spooky details and happenings)....Majo finally unravels the true culprit as a Gold dragon who is healing from a fight with a BDS dragon. The Gold dragon didn't want to hurt the villagers, but also didn't want loose tongues to bring noisy, nosey crowds. The party works a compromise where the dragon will help guard Elantra, and the villagers will help feed him and keep his secret. The dragon, who's name is Aro becomes fast friends with the party...he loves the deep conversations with Majo, and is playful like Tzin and Estabon and ribs the stern Ist a lot.....the party leaves Elantra again to seek out Alender and maybe gain his aid in finishing off the BDS in the area. On the trail they come across a strange metal building in the middle of a clearing in the wilderness. It is some kind of shrine with graves near the rear. Majo suggest going around the building. as they do, suddenly skeletal warriors rise from the graves to attack. It is a trap set by Virgo who has risen in the ranks of the BDS.
These are no ordinary skeletons, but a type of Golem that has HD5 and resistant to lightning and fire attacks. As Majo's main spells are thwarted and Ist's Firedoom sword are showing now damage against these seemingly normal skeletons, the party begins to worry. this fight was a short encounter, but they had to be saved by Myra again as the Golem skeletons were proving difficult.(one of those bad roll days and nights) Tzin was badly wounded and Ist lost one of his horns. As the day was looking grim a female minotaur cleric steps in and uses her turn dead ability to help the party defeat the remaining undead. she heals Tzin up to he is able to move on his own. The party is happy to see the newcomer due to her strange resemblance to Myra....but she has no idea who they are talking about.....actually she is a reincarnated Myra without her memories...her name is Myricca. Her Immortal patron who had a hand in sending the party to fight Bo-Keem Marid brought her back to aid "her" champions as they move to the appoint task in the future. (but the party didn't know this) Virgo appears soon the next day, as he has felt the trap being sprung. He has two medium black dragons and 18 thugs to attack the things are looking grim again....Aro shows up to aid the party in defeating the dragons, causing the remaining BDS to flee...Virgo once again vows revenge.....the party sets off again and soon finds Alendar and his camp......a true army now...Alendar is fighting a war with the Alphatians...The Jenn has risen up....Alendar is glad to see his time has gone by revenge has been replaced with a desire to see his people's well being...He agrees to help the party with the BDS problem...since they are also a problem to him.....But at the moment the Alphatians are beginning to take the Jenn seriously and have sent in a new force to "quell" the rebellious scum. Majo suggest using the two enemies against each other as they did with the Mogli and Boor. how to lure the BDS into a major fight....the party becomes bait to draw out Gamulli and a sizeable part of the BDS forces in southwestern Skothar....

ok next we will see how the plan works, what Myrric has to do with the party, a city adventure, a search, and new characters...
hope y'all are enjoying these brief overviews....the party was along running one and very enjoyable as they enjoyed all aspects of the game from hack-and-slash to the thinking and solving puzzles....

We left our party being used as bait to lure the Alphatians and the Black Dragon Society, a rouge group of thugs who venerate Black Dragons. This campaign takes place mainly in Skothar. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of the material we have now so I kinda made it up as we went.

The party consist of
Ist- a male minotaur warrior
Estabon- ex Thyatian gladiator
Tzin- an ex Minaean Pirate
Myricca- Female minotaur cleric (actually a reincarnated ex-party member sent back by her patron, unbeknownst to the party or her)

After a particularly nasty tie up with the BDS the party has sought the help of an old ally in destroying them. But this ally has his hands full with the Jen freedom fight against the Alphatians.

The party begin tracking Virgo and Gamulli and their hideout. Hitting small groups of Black Dragon Society thugs, mines, and villages. Finally Gamulli is enraged and send a strong task force to finish this meddlesome group off.
In the mean time Alender, their Jen friend, has been luring the Alphatian force closer to BDS territory. Soon the two groups square off, but not without including the heroes. Ist and Majo team up to take out two black dragons, while Tzin and Estabon lead a small unit of Jen horsemen against an Alphatian skirmisher group. The fighting was fierce and a large trek of forest was devastated. Finally the Alphatian force proved to be victorious.
The Alphatian loses were heavy though and they were not able to follow the party into the forest. Alender tells the party of a contact he wants to make in the city of Anchorage. A young adventuress from far to the west.
She will be invaluable to help in the cause of drawing the forces of Alphatians from oppressing the Jen people. She will be known by her companion of a strange dog-like humanoid who is not a gnoll.
The party rest with the Jen camp and then head out at the behest of Myricca and Majo to fulfil the mission for Alendar. the journey to the city was tedious. The party had to refrain from responding to injustices to the natives from Alphatians on their journey. Any rash actions would have open them to suspicion and jeopardised the mission. The greater good was a hard thing for the group to focus on as they made their way. I especially gave a few graphic instances of gross oppression to test their resolve. A young Jen man was being beaten for grabbing an Alphatian MU without permission. Two young boltmen were target practicing with some Jen children, not hitting the children, but coming close enough to scare them out of their wits. The party made it but many time they were close to blowing their cover. The closer the party drew to the city of Anchorage though, the oppression lessoned. There were instances of the two races working well together. Entrance to the city proved to be a task, but a plausible ploy of Majo, obviously a MU, and Tyricca were bringing their "slaves" into the city. Ist had trouble being chained and giving up his sword to Myricca for safe keeping. While taking a toll of the city and its layout Tzin notices someone practicing the craft....unfortunately they were doing it against him. The party quickly learns valuable information from the unlucky thief. After securing rooms, the party seeks to find the mysterious woman from the west who keeps company with a dog like humanoid.
Majo begins circulating amongst the nobility, listening to rumours and such.
In the library he discovers more on the one called Bo-Keem Marid. It seems he was born of Alphatian parentage in Rock Harbour 250 years ago. He was believed killed while on an expedition 170 years ago. No one has heard of him since. He was very talented, but most of his ideas were rejected as being too grandiose even for the Alphatian society. Tzin and Estabon with the help of their new "friend" Xeris begin becoming fixtures in the cities layout. As a cover Myricca opens a "protection" company...hiring out her "slaves" for entertainment and bodyguards. Small city adventures result from protecting a polymorphed dragon from the unwanted advances of an Alphatian noble woman, seeking a lost Nymph, and protecting the beer supply for the upcoming mid year festival. Finally Tzin is able to make contact with the strange dog like humanoid who is called a lupin. The party meets with the pair. The warrior woman is named Tatanya and the lupin is Shay Dubois. Adventures who have travelled far across many seas and now want to go home. Yet they also lead an underground of the oppressed peoples in the city. through their efforts many of the oppressions have began to disappear. Tatanya agrees to help Alendar and the party, but only if the party helps her. She lets the no 3 man in the organisation an Alphatian 'commoner" become the leader for the underground, but she wants to go home.
where is home? Traldara as she knows it, but Karameikos is its name from the invaders. She left home 4 years ago on her shearing, but now she is ready to visit her father.....and his estate near the Gulf of Halag. Estabon who really doesn't miss his homeland of Thyatis is against the notion, but Tzin and Ist miss the sea, plus Majo has another tugging. So the party with the pair book passage toward the lands to the west.

well this ends this segment, please tell me what you think, I will try to have the next segment up soon...of their sea journey and encounters.

As we left our group they had booked passage toward the west. our Adventurers were joined by a new pair.

Current group:
Ist Minotaur fighter
Estabon: ex-Thyatian Gladiator
Majo- Tangor mage
Tzin- ex-Minaean pirate
Myrrica- Female minotaur cleric
Tatanya- Traldaran Thief
Shaz- Male Lupin fighter

Leaving the port of Anchorage, the party has a calm beginning sailing to the northern shore of Bellissaria and reaching a way station named Chard. In the town of Chard, the party is called into question- mainly for the presence of Tzin- Minaean pirates are not well liked in these parts. Majo uses his wit in "court" to help secure their release and continued journey without a fight. Sailing on to skirt the southern tip of Alphatia and visit the Alatian isles, the party's ship is beset by pirates. the pirates were no match for the crafty party and the ship's master is very thankful to have the party aboard. But two days after the pirate attack, strange creatures are seen off the port bow. The initial wonder wears off as the creatures attack......a cross between Sharks and kobolds in appearance the creatures damage the ship, but the party beats them back. The remaining creatures follow at a distance, keeping fear and anxiety at high levels till the ship limps into Feather Fall. Tzin, Estabon, Shay, and Ist decide to go on a fishing trip while waiting on repairs. They find their targets and the four have to fight for their lives....finally defeating the kobolds.......taking one of the bodies back to Majo, he and Myrrica are able to deduce they are from their old friend Marid. Marid has not forgotten them. The ship makes its repairs and they set forth again......minus the kobolds following them, but as the near the Isle of Dawn, they are caught by surprise by the dread pirates of Caerdwicca. Bordors takes the ship killing all Alphatians aboard. He has a policy of letting non Alphatians earn their freedom in his pit. (a version of the arena at Thyatis) (This is the adventure from the old Companion set with "the Blue". The party easily defeats the challenges and elect Estabon to meet Bordors in the final combat. Estabon wins and spares Bordors' life. The party then continues their journey on a ship provided by Bordor. Ist, Tzin, and Shay are all experienced sea hands so the party continues on rounding The Isle of Dawn and sailing south to miss Thyatis.

We will continue this with the next chapter.