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Module Ideas

by Sean Meaney

The Dark Theocracy
Module GDoK: The Dark Theocracy

The Year is AC1000. With the Duke distracted by social problems in the Capital (GDoK: The Great Families) and is unable to send troops to reinforce these Keeps. North east of Karameikos is plunged into chaos. Clerics of assorted Chaotic Deities and philosophies are positioning themselves to seize control of the region East of the Castellan River and North of the Highreach. Humanoid Warbands begin attacking settlements under this new Leadership armed with new weapons and Armour. They have several Fortified Bases of Operation.

A Series of Events: A Hamlet in the East is destroyed by Hobgoblins and Someone has built a fortress in the Mountains.

The PCs are offered the Opportunity to investigate Elwyn's Keep. If they fail a large percentage of the combined Humanoid and Undead Troops available at all three sites move against Castellan Keep and Guido's Fort (south of the river from The Ruined Monastery) destroying it.
With the uplands cleansed of Human Occupation, the Warbands begin raiding along the West bank of the Castellan River pushing the human population west to the King's Road. The region becomes inaccessible - except by a small force capable of approaching through the Pass guarded by Elwyn's Fortress from Thyatis. These forces seem unstoppable as they march toward the Kings Road Keep. If they cut the Trade route, Things will only get worse. Penhaligon, and Kelvin could fall.

The Great Families
Module GDoK: The Great Families

The Year is AC1000. The city of Specularum is still in mourning from the death of Christoph Torenescu as the Millennium arrives. The Year begins with a week long New Year celebration that is perhaps a more sombre occasion than usual.

A Sequence of Events for the Year AC1000
• Nuwmont - Millennium in the Streets: The New Years celebrations turn ugly as a PC is mistaken for a gambler who has been cheating others.
• Vatermont - The Vorloi are openly attacked by the Torenescu?: Fortunato Vorloi’s Townhouse is penetrated from underground tunnels by the Veiled Society. Lucia Vorloi (Daughter of Fortunato Vorloi) is murdered and Marianna Vorloi (Daughter of Baron Philip Vorloi) is abducted. Evidence at the scene points to the Torenescu and the Veiled Society but Grygori Vorloi (Marianna Vorloi’s brother) has come into some money.
• Thaumont - The clumsy machinations of Aleksander Torenescu: A messenger is mugged and killed on the streets. He is carrying documents from Valdo Tisa to Aleksander Vorloi detailing the new trade relationship between Karameikos and Ierendi. Investigating the Torenescu will reveal that Aleksander is currently under the weather. During their observations of who comes and goes from the Torenescu Manor they spot a messenger delivering a package to Boris Torenescu. If they follow this lead it will reveal that Boris is being supplied with a Poison.
• Flaurmont - The Murder of Davinos: A young man from named Davinos is murdered in the Street by Killers after an interview with Duke Stephan.
• Yarthmont - Disquiet in the Streets: The first Riot is in response to the death of Davinos, if investigators pursue the matter – the riot abates with the discovery of the Veiled Society’s involvement – both leading the crowd and being behind the murder. A second Riot begins with the accusation that the Torenescu are behind the Veiled Society as evidence that Simion Torenescu’s Ring was in the Possession of one of the Veiled Society thugs involved in the Abduction of Marianna Vorloi and Lucia Vorloi’s murder. This riot rips the Great market apart and troops are dispatched to crush it.
• Klarmont – Revenge of the Vorloi?: Simion Torenescu (A court lord and possibly Ambassador) is forced to return to deal with the crisis at home – Either Boris is exposed as a Poisoner (successful or not) or Aleksander is poisoned and he gets away with it). There are those rumours over the murder of Lucia Vorloi and the abduction of still missing Marianna that suggest he is being recalled by Duke Stephan. Simion is attacked by Veiled Society Thugs as he is escorted to Senator (a court lord?) Eipistlo’s House. If the killers succeed in killing Simion, the Torenescu will either be destroyed or fall into the hands of Boris. Suspicion will be cast on Baron Vorloi that this is a revenge attack over the murder of Lucia and Abduction of the Still Missing Marianna.
• Felmont - The Veiled Society moves openly: A band of fifteen Veiled Society thugs attempt to assassinate investigators trying to piece together Veiled Society Activity. The PCs are able to follow the Assassin’s leader back to the Veiled Society Headquarters beneath the Blue Water Mead Hall. It is here that they find Marianna Vorloi alive – Hostage for the last six months along with a member of the Elven Guard. If the PCs succeed in taking down the Veiled Society leadership, the Radu are destroyed.
• Fyrmont - The “Marilenev Uprising”: Either Boris Torenescu or Antonio Radu (a Wizard) arrange this last ditch attempt to bring it all down. A person pretending to be Magda begins talking uprising in the Great Market. “Marilenev Soldiers” in the Crowd hand out Weapons and Armour from Bags of Holding and attempt to give the crowd direction and Leadership. Retreating from the City, the Duke is forced to call in troops from the surrounding country-side to retake the Burning City of Specularum. He is greatly surprised to receive troop support from Lady Marilenev who provided him with two hundred Militiamen (Peasants well trained as Spearmen). It improves her standing with the Duke.