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(This is a fighting style for Karameikos based on the secret passes for the Savage Coast).

Karameikan Style

by Beau Yarbrough

The Karameikan school of fighting originated from the chapterhouse of the Order of the Griffon in Specularum, where the famed Thyatian gladiator Corbula Vespasian defeated three Traladaran knights in a practice bout using his own special fighting style. In the 50 odd years since that day the school has evolved into the standard fighting technique practiced by the Order of the Griffon.

Karameikan style favours the two handed sword, not the rapier like the Savage Coast styles. Thus a Basic pass requires a hit roll at -6, or -5 with a two handed sword.

Basic passes

1. Honour of Halav : The knight delivers a strike with the flat of the blade to the opponents sword arm. The victim will be disarmed if he fails a Strength check at -4, and in any case his Hit Rolls are penalised by 4 in the following round.

2. Fist of Truth : The knight steps forward, making an opening in the opponents guard, and cracks a mailed fist into the opponents face. Although this pass only inflicts half damage, the foe must pass a Constitution check at -4, or be stunned in the following round, losing all attacks.

3. Thyatian Double Slash : This pass consists of a mighty sweep aimed at knocking the opponents blade away, followed by a backwards slash at the opponents now exposed body. The pass itself inflicts no damage, but the knight automatically wins initiative in the following round, and automatically hits with his next attack.

4. Squires loss : The knight is trained at striking at weak points in an opponents armour. By targeting straps, buckles and other vulnerable points this pass will reduce a foes AC by 2 points. This pass has no effect on unarmoured targets.

Difficult passes

1. The Secret of Steel : The knight advances towards his foe with a dazzling series of cuts. This pass doubles the damage rolled for the attack and adds a further +2 damage.

2. Griffon's Strength : The knight delivers a mighty cut to his foes weapon, which must save vs crushing blow or break.

3. Knights mercy : The knight delivers a cut to the victim, but instead of drawing blood backs away at the last instant. The opponent must save vs death at -2 or surrender.

Master strokes

1. Marilenev's Defeat : The knight strikes his foe in the temple with the flat of the blade. The victim must pass a Constitution check or be knocked out for d10 rounds.

2. Corbula's Revenge : The knight knocks the opponents blade aside and simultaneously cuts into the foes body. This pass inflicts maximum damage, and the knight gains an additional attack, to be applied immediately.

Death Move

Stefan's Justice

The knights blade slices against the side of the victims skull, who must pass a system shock roll or pass out. In any case, he will die in 2d4 rounds unless he receives some form of curing, and he is incapable of fighting until the wound is attended to.