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Religion and Immortals in Klagorst

by Giulio Caroletti

Aliases: Protius
Description: Aszto is the Lord of the Water, the Elemental Force of Water, and is revered especially in this guise. He is not the supreme ruler of the sea- this is a role assigned to Yegshuta, in the pantheon.
Aszto is represented as a giant dwarf 8 feet tall. He is seen as a distant and aloof Immortal, a protector of sea fauna and creatures, but mostly uninterested in humans. Even if some minor temple is dedicated to him throughout the region, Aszto is respected, but little worshipped because he almost never listens to prayers; however, many sympathise with him right because of this: he does not interfere with mortals, and always leave his clerics free to do whatever they please.
Worshipper's alignment: Any
Cleric's Alignment: Any

AURIAL, Master of the Rose and the Snow Aliases: Sinbad
Description: Aurial, the Master of the Rose and the Snow, is a weird divinity of Klagorst. He is the god of losers who has determination enough to rise from the ground and manage to become greater than their enemies. He is also the god of travellers, of merchants and of thieves.
He doesn't care what his clerics and worshippers do or think, as long as they are faithful to themselves, and refuse to submit themselves to others. Lawful clerics and worshippers, less common, claim that this means that the ideal must never be renounced to under any menace and danger. Neutral followers believe that the truth of Aurial is that there is no truth, and anyone who's free is appreciated by him. Chaotic ones feel Aurial allow them to do whatever their please, as they will be blessed and protected by Aurial.
Worshipper's alignment: Any (generally chaotic)
Cleric's Alignment: Any (generally neutral)

AZRAEL, Lord of the Dead
Aliases: Kazukarzash
Description: Azrael is none other than Kazukarzash, the Ice Demon of the North. When Lord Ivan Brasv left Visneskaya in flames under the Visi rebellion, he led his Neskayan followers in the northern desolation until he didn't know what to do. To prevent his people from suffering, he invoked whatever divinity would accept to help him. The Ice Demon was the first to respond, eager to make good use of the first possibility he had to enter directly the world of mortals beyond the small possibilities given by the white orcs of the north. Kazukarzash directed Brasv to the lands of Brasov, and didn't send his icy powers to the western sea, but in change he has sent to Brasov his "clerics", who dispose of all the stillborn children of Brasov. With his powers, he has managed to raise magically the number of stillborn children, although no-one knows this. His clerics may cast spells of level 1-4, plus Raise Dead and Raise Dead Fully. They use their powers to raise the dead children and alter them magically. They are then sent northwards to serve the Ice Demon's purposes...
Worshipper's alignment: Neutral to Chaotic Evil
Cleric's Alignment: NE, CE.

CHARUN, the Snake; the Arch-Devil
Aliases: Orcus
Description: The former god of the Stygian troglodytes, Charun is worshipped all over Klagorst as the god of battle and war. He is often invoked by soldiers and adventurers in battle, as he is believed to confer strength and a great capacity to bring destruction. In Klagorst, he is not considered an evil entity, even if he has the title of Arch Devil, and is said to dominate the outer plane known to Klagorst as Inferni. Charun is more considered the force of war that through destruction opens space to renewal, and thus an essential force of the Multiverse. Charun's worship is not allowed in Stygia, but there is an association of renegade troglodytes known as the Order of the Skull who tries to bring back his following in that nation. Charun is also known as the Snake in the Serpent Triad.
Worshipper's alignment: Neutral or Evil.
Cleric's Alignment: LE, LN, N, NE, CN, CE

Aliases: Diulanna, Ilmaatar
Description: Imatska is the Goddess of Air, but she is also the one who protects every living thing. She is especially fond of hard-willed men and women, and thus many adventurers hold her as patron. She was the main goddess of Visneskaya, and is still revered in Brasov with the Neskayan name of Ilmaatar. In Klagorst, her main temple is in the city of Grawyz, administered by the Guild of Adventurers.
Worshipper's alignment: Neutral and Good
Cleric's Alignment: N, NG, LG, CG

Aliases: Ixion (Known World), Paava (Karaaljia), Solarios (Thyatis) Description: God of the Sun, Pavan is the major force of good in the area. He is the main divinity of Brasov, and is seen as the counterpart of Azrael. However, Brasovian mythology claims that he is not an enemy of Azrael, rather that the two are two faces of the same coin: while Azrael is death and cold, Pavan is life and warmth. Pavan is a minor Immortal in Klagorst, as most of his functions belong to Razano's portfolio. The few clerics of Pavan in Klagorst, however, claim that Razano is a manifestation of Pavan, or at least that he is his right hand, but that is considered a foolish heresy by Razano's clergy.
Worshipper's alignment: LG, LN, NG
Cleric's Alignment: LG

Aliases: Rathanos (Known World)
Description: The clear head of the Klagorst human pantheon is Razano, Lord of Fire. He is the protector of life against death and cold, and thus a great enemy of Azrael. Not particularly worshipped in Brasov, Razano is a god of wizards, especially fire elementalists, and is opposed to Yegshuta as much as Charun. Razano's clergy are heavily involved in politics, with the calculated purpose of preventing any clerical intervention in political matters- apart their own. However, the clerics of Razano are divided about this, as some disagree with this, claiming that no cleric should be involved with temporal matters.
Worshipper's alignment: LG, LN, LE, NG, N, CG, CN
Cleric's alignment: NG, N, CN

PEARL, the Dragon
Aliases: -
Description: Pearl is the Dragon of the Serpent Triad and the Spiller of Tears. It is recognised as Patron by the varkha (who consider dragons as messengers of Pearl, and thus holy creatures), and it is a deity widely worshipped among soldiers and adventurers. In its role as the Spiller of Tears, Pearl is considered the divinity responsible of suffering and pain, and is invoked to bring havoc to the enemies. Pearl is heavily opposed to Yegshuta, and is in always changing relations with Charun, but is neutral to most other divinities. A note: in the Klagorst and Brasov areas, there are no neutral or good dragons. Only chromatic dragons are present, so Pearl is the only Dragon Ruler involved in the area.
Worshipper's alignment: Any non good.
Cleric's alignment: Any non good

YEGSHUTA, the Lizard
Aliases: Demogorgon, Goron
Description: The Lizard, Yegshuta is a great enemy of both Pearl and Charun, with whom it forms the Serpent Triad. Yegshuta is the Immortal protector of troglodytes and Stygia. His clergy is opposed to the presence of Stygia in the Confederation and wants to bring the downfall of Nhorg of Vrancea, of the varkha, of Szekesh. Few are his followers outside Stygia, but some have speculated that he has involvements with the hresha-rak, given the apparently good relations between Stygia and Kerminhae.
Worshipper's alignment: LE, NE, CE
Cleric's alignment: LE, NE