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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Peace and Prosperity, Patron of Ochalea
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 10th (Temporal), LG, Thought
Symbol: the palm of a hand raised in a sign of peace
Portfolio: peace, prosperity, diplomacy, tolerance, piety, respect of laws
Worshipped in: Alphatia, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn (East Portage), Alatian Islands, Hollow World (Gentle Folk Elves, Milenians), Known World (Darokin, Thyatis), Norwold (Alpha), Ochalea
Appearance: a pure Alphatian of gaunt physique, with a pallid complexion and hollow cheeks, wearing a simple tunic and an air of determination and suffering.
History: in his mortal life Koryis was an Alphatian mage born on Old Alphatia before its destruction prima. During his life as adventurer becoming famous with the pseudonym “Negotiator”, since he preferred peaceful and diplomatic negotiations (practices in which he excelled) to the use of force and fighting. Succeeding to take on the path of the Epic Hero long before of the advent of Alphaks on the Alphatian throne, and during his pilgrimage created the witch Kersy, his dark side that still live in the Isle of Paradise in the Plane of Old Alphatia. After being purified, Koryis faced the final test and finally becoming Immortal around 990 BC. When he started to pay attention to the affairs of his compatriots, he discovered that Old Alphatia had been destroyed because of the madness of Alphas VI. Thanks to his powers, tracing the Alphatian survivors to Mystara and began to distinguish oneself among them, preaching peaceful dialogue and equality between the cultures. His cult has been very popular among the merchants and diplomats of the entire world, while in Alphatia he is not greatly followed. He is the national patron of Ochalea; a nation founded by Alphatian expatriates and based on a rigid philosophic doctrine and which is the bastion of his faith.
Personality: Koryis is the typical pacifist faithful to the order that rejects any cutting instrument and to a creed that says that it is possible to resolve all problems and diatribe with dialogue. For this he is not greatly followed by the ardent and chaotic Alphatians, and not is not closely watched even by the more vehement and warlike Immortals. His only allies are Alphatia, Guidarezzo, the Plasmatore and Razud (the third more on and off), while all the Entropic bringers of chaos and destruction are his enemies, in particular Alphaks, who he’s known since both were mortal and who he has never forgiven for the devastation caused on Old Alphatia.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Pax]
Allies: Alphatia, Guidarezzo, Plasmatore, Razud
Enemies: Alphaks and all patrons of destruction
Alignment of followers: Neutral or Lawful; clerics must be Lawful
Favourite weapon: none (allowed all one-handed bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to Charisma, clerics can freely cast protection from evil once per day (considered a magical ability); +2 bonus to diplomacy and oratory skills (not free). The clerics of Koryis cannot cast the reversed forms of healing and resurrection spells.
Domains: Thought, Law, Good, Persuasion
Preferred weapon: light mace
Source: M1, DotE, HW, WotI, HWR3