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Campaign Idea: Secret Mystaran Invasion of LaTerre

by Håvard

One thing that always bothered me was that if LaTerre is just Earth with magic and some mythological monsters, that doesn't really make it all that interesting. Even if we include Thulhu-esque Outer Beings or the Red Death (from Masque of Red Death), it still feels like this setting is missing something.

So if LaTerrans have moved to Mystara, why not have some Mystarans secretly move the other way? Perhaps some of them are even working to fight some of the dark forces of LaTerre in some organized fashion?

Western Europe - The Radiant Brotherhood of Bavaria

Southern Europe - Sons of Hercules

Scandinavia & The British Isles - Order of Thule

Arabia - Desert Garden

Russia - Realm of the Baba Yaga

Beyond the European Kingdoms, to the east, lies a wilderness dominated by Fey and Russian Sorcerers. It is believed to be a safehaven for magic-users, but many european spellcasters fear entereing the domain of the Baba Yaga. This region is outside the influence of known Mystaran agents.


What do you think? Could this make for an interesting campaign?