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I could not stop my blundering storm of Ideas and created the following story for Redstone.

The Legend of Redstone Valley

by Robin

As Told by Paramion the Scribe during a lecture for the young lords and ladies of Redstone nobility.

Within the vastness of the Silver Sierras a now well-known witch had settled, in a large valley with a lake created by molten snow. She is as thin as a skeleton, her nose is so long that would rattle against the ceiling of any hut, a beak full of rotten teeth, but sharp as a dagger. Long slender arms with clawlike nails, and a skin so caked with dirt it almost appeared green. Her name was unknown in those days. But she was known even before the Rain of Fire, as Baba Yaga.
When she appeared, a wild wind began to blow, the trees around creaked and groaned and leaves whirled through the air. Shrieking and wailing, a host of dead Blackmoor spirits accompanied her on her way.
Being a somewhat secretive lady, (in spite of all the din she makes,) she swept away all traces of herself with a broom made of silver birch (what are brooms for anyway?). Amongst her other servants, were three bodiless and somewhat menacing pairs of hands, which appearred out of thin air to do her bidding.
The Childred listened in pure silence, their young eyes and ears wide open to engulf the story.
Upon the Burning embers of Blackmoor bones, within her enormous kettle she mixed a Solid Cloud, Clumps of the Invisible Moon, Essence of Death and Stars of Winter, then seasoned it with Bird, Pelican and dust of an Earth Elemental Ruler. Stirred it with a totem she first used on her self as a phallic item.
She spoke; "Jeza jeza jězě jezinka jędza iaga engti ingti ingas inca ekki"
What was her goal in this dangerous experiment, we will never know, for she failed in her attempt. It was disturbed by a daring fighter hereby sent by Baba Yaga earlier twice. Again he requested the questions asked before; " "Fie, fie," she said, "the Human smell was never heard of nor caught sight of here, but it has come by itself. Are you here of your own free will or by compulsion, my good youth?" "Largely of my own free will, and twice as much by compulsion! Do you know, Baba Yaga, where lies the thrice tenth kingdom?" "No, I do not". Baba Yaga whet her teeth and desires to consume the Fighter. The Fighter saw three horns lying on the table, and as he was foretold, he grabbed them. The first he blew softly, the second louder, and the third louder yet. This causes birds of all sorts to arrived and swarmed the hut. One of the birds was a Phoenix, a firebird, which told him to hop on its back or Baba Yaga would eat him. He did so and the Baba Yaga rushed him and grabbed the firebird by its tail. The firebird left with the fighter on its back, leaving Baba Yaga behind with a fist full of firebird feathers. She followed them within her giant Pestle, blasting one spell after another. Whole mountains were scarrred in the pursuit with terrible blasts of magical power (and thus came the valleys of the Silver Sierras to be). But then the kettle that was forgotten on the burning Blackmoor embers blew up, and flew to the sky. Around the stars, over the moon it flew and then returned, with a vast speed it penetrated the field of Power over the Planet and slammed into the Ground a few miles north of the valley, which such enormous power the mountains there were shattered. All that remained was a vast cauldron-like valley and in the middle within the iron of the huge kettle which onto this day can be found as a large iron Rock rusted Red. What further became of either Hero or Baba Yaga is lost in time, but woe who returned to her site of casting that spell....he or she would surely find power and doom.
What do we learn from this tale?...Never ever disturb a witch!!

The frightened children were awed by the story, and eagerly dived with their books, instead riding out to the south, where the Valley Häxa Pannadal (which actually means the Witches Cauldron Valley) can be accessed by the Gate of Kostianaya Noga ("Bony Leg" an ancient epithet of Baba Yaga).