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House rules for light melee weapons

by Parzival

I’ve created a house rule for “light melee weapons,” which allow DEX bonuses for both TO HIT and DAMAGE (on the principle these are precision weapons, intended to produce damage more by the location of the strike than the force of the blow). However, this ability is restricted to either Skilled users, and/or the Thief, Elf and Halfling classes (an Elf alone is slightly modified in that an Elf may use DEX for strictly “traditional” elf weapons— the Elven sword, short sword, bows, dagger and spear).
Otherwise, light melee weapons are: dagger, short sword, Darokin rapier* (1d8-1 dmg), and Ylaruam scimitar (1d6+1 dmg).
*Elves from Darokin may count these as “traditional.”

I think it’s a simple concept that fits the thematic flavors of both the classes and weapons— the nimble warrior with the flashing blade, as Inigo Montoya, the Dread Pirate Roberts, Errol Flynn, the Grey Mouser, Legolas, and even Bilbo (his sword work with Sting against the spiders was clearly all DEX, not STR!) It also lends itself nicely to the Weapons Mastery system.

I’ve also used the DEX bonus to missile damage for aimed weapons (bows, crossbows, etc.), as again, precision! (And I like a game where the odds favor the heroes over the villains.)