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Lost Immortals

by Rodger Burns

Well, I'd think that Immortal status can only be achieved with Immortal power, one way or another - which needs a sponsor, a power source such as the NoS (which is difficult to acquire, and generally closely controlled by Immortals), or else... what?

The thing that annoys/disturbs me about WotI's take on sponsoring and its infinite regress is the way in which every Immortal in the book is sponsored by another major, known immortal. A short section on "lost/deceased Immortals" might be an interesting hook to provide for additional sponsors, as well as campaign ideas. Some possibilities:

- Nyava: This Jennite princess proved herself as a warrior and assembled the alliance of tribes that first checked the Alphatian advance into the Steppes of Jen, almost 2000 years ago, to achieve her Immortality in the Sphere of Time. She disappeared from Immortal politics about six centuries ago, and divinations have only found fragmentary images of her chained in Baaka - possibly in an Entropic plane, to remove a bargaining piece; possibly imprisoned by an immortal of an Alphatian patron immortal; possibly by her own superiors in the Sphere of Time.

- Al'Din: A Thothian rogue during mortal life, Al'Din forged contracts with genies and defended his homeland in the dark years after the fall of Nithia. He established himself as an Epic Hero with these deeds, and as a member of the Sphere of Time became known for long journeys to strange and unknown places. About four hundred years ago he attempted to explore the Vortex Dimension, and has not been heard from since.

- Dulac: Originally from Eusdria, this elven knight journeyed between the many different lands of the Savage Coast promoting chivalry and self-sacrifice. He followed the path of the Polymath, living three different lives in the forms of other creatures of the Coast, and became an immortal patron of Matter. He later sacrificed himself to halt an invasion from a far corner of the Nightmare Dimension, hurling himself through the gate to that realm to hold the enemies off while allies destroyed the gate.

- Liandriath, the Changer: An Evergrun elf at the time of Blackmoor, Liandriath was one of those who refused to travel north with Ilsundal. After the Blackmoor disaster, he was able to use his magic to keep an outpost of Evergrun alive for a time, and received his immortality in the Sphere of Energy as a reward. As an Immortal, his chief fascination was with shapeshifting magics and powers; he reportedly was lost after experimenting with a cursed artifact that either transformed him into something completely unable to function in Immortal society or else destabilised him so completely that he couldn't travel anywhere safely.