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Luln - Regional Map

by religon

My treatment and key was just for my use so some parts may be confusing for those only familiar with canon Karameikos. Notable differences listed…

1) Port Gorod (Portown): added town just North of Halag (Fort Doom)
2) Black Eagle Barony is less crazed-sinister and more insidiously, secretly evil than canon.
3) The Duke is neutral with financial interests focused on the Duke's Road and the port of Specualrum. He is almost in cahoots with his cousin. Western Karameikos… the Cruth Lowlands and the Gulf Coast… is of little concern.
4) Three goblinoid kingdoms control NW Karameikos and much of the eastern Shire lands in canon under Hin control.
5) Riverfork Keep is a dreadful post… low morale, vice and the constant threat of powerful goblinoid attack. Supplies are erratic whether through the swamp by boat or overland. The salt mines 9 miles north of town are really the most profitable industry in Western Karameikos… a staggering scar of goblinoid misery with the odd human criminal mixed in.
6) Only towns & cities west and north of Luln: Riverfork Village, small dwarf community at the Luln Copper Mines, Fort Guido (non-canon location), and Arkanites (town).
7) Integrated the legends of Achelos which Sturm edited for Threshold Magazine into the Cruth Lowlands history, but made a number of small changes.
8) Use my own calendar of holidays and lunar calendar for Traladaran societies.
9) The tradition of "Shearing" is a remnant of Traladra's dark history of slavery. Children of slaves were freed in their 16th year after receiving a gift of a sheared cloak.
10) The Black Peak Mts. hold three abandoned… and overrun similar to Moria… dwarfish kingdoms intertwined in my version of the prosperity of Achelos… The Three Silent Kingdoms.
11) The Cruth Lowlands are dangerous for mid-level characters with few safe havens. (Some fan maps have it heavily populated and Riverfork Keep as a bastion of civilization.)
12) Fairy and fey creatures are more common threats IMC.

More broadly IMC… elves, dwarves and hin are less numerous and prosperous than canon. Orcs & goblins are more numerous. My version of Darokin is based on martial Warhammer's Empire rather than a pure merchant Renaissance society.

Luln is a rough-and-tumble town with some deep tradition. I play up the opportunistic Thyatian carpetbaggers in this area. I introduced a structure to the secret resistance of the Black Eagle, the White Peregrines. This is based on DDA3 module.