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The Monsters of Hugh Lofting's Dr Dolittle: Giant Lunar Moth

by Håvard


Armor Class 7
Hit Dice 10*
Move 30' (10')
Move: Flying 360' (120')
Attacks 1 bite
Damage 1d8
No. Appearing 1 (1)
Save As F10
Morale 8
Treasure Type Nil
Intelligence 7
Alignment Neutral
XP Value 1.750

Monster Type: Monster (Rare)

The Giant Lunar Moth is a huge insect that is able to fly through the Void and to the Moon and back. It has delicate wings colored blue and red. If befriended the Giant Lunar Moth can carry several riders across long distances. If carrying riders into the Void, he can bestow upon them an effect similar to the breathe water spell allowing the riders to survive in the Void.

Load: 3,500 cn at full speed, or 7,000 cn at half speed.

Terrain: Void, Mountains

Source: List of Doctor Dolittle characters