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4E races in Mystara

by Håvard

Dragonborn ( PHB I ) - This race requires a bit more adaptation and will be rare in my Mystara campaigns.
Dwarf ( PHB I ) - Common, found in most Known World countries except Glantri
Eladrin ( PHB I ) - Uncommon. I reskin this race as Mystara's Sidhe.
Elf ( PHB I ) . Common. Found in most Mystara countries, most notably in Alfheim.
Half-Elf ( PHB I ) Rare- Almost never found outside the Savage Coast
Halfling ( PHB I ) Common. Most notably in the Five Shires
Human ( PHB I) Common.
Tiefling ( PHB I ) Rare. See discussion above. Glantri would seem most appropriate
Deva (PHB II) Rare. I could see these as reskinned "Demi-Gods" from WotI; that is offspring between Immortals and Mortals.
Gnome (PHB II) - Common. Found in Karameikos and in most Dwarven lands.
Goliath (PHB II - Uncommon. Reskinned Stalwarts.
Half-Orc (PHB II. Common. See the Darokin Gaz.
Shifter (PHB II). Rare. I dont really have a good spot for these in Mystara. Alphatia has been suggested.
Githzerai (PHB III) - Rare. I dont really have a good spot for these in Mystara. They could be outer planar visitors found in Glantri and other places. IMO they feel more like something out of Planescape or Spelljammer and not so much Mystaran IMO.
Minotaur (PHB III) - Common. These could easily fit in Mystara, though most Mystarans view them as monsters.
Shardmind (PHB III) . Rare. I dont see any particular place for these on Mystara.
Wilden (PHB III) - Uncommon. I guess these could be related to Treants and other plant-like creatures on Mystara.
Changeling (EPG) - Rare. I dont have any particularly good ideas for these on Mystara. I guess they could be related to Dopplegangers and other shapeshifters.
Kalashtar (EPG) - Rare. These are linked to ancestral spirits, but I dont know if they will fit as anything but visitors to Mystara.
Warforged (EPG). Uncommon. These could be remnants of Blackmoor.
Drow (FRPG). Rare. I try to keep these out since Shadowelves occupy much of the same niche.
Genasi (FRPG). Uncommon. They fit in Glantri, Ylaruam and Alphatia.
Mul (DSCS). Are these just half-dwarves or are there more specific things connecting them to Dark Sun?
Thri-Kreen (DSCS) - Rare outside of the Savage Coast.
Revenant (HoS) - Unknown
Shade (HoS) - Unknown
Vryloka (HoS) - Unknown
Hamadryad (HoF) - Uncommon. I would use these for Dryads from PC1.
Pixie (HoF) . Uncommon. Pixies are found all over Mystara.
Satyr (HoF) . Uncommon. Found all over Mystara.
Hengeyokai (DrgM) - Uncommon. Perhaps in Ochalea?
Kenku (DrgM) - Uncommon. I think these have a Mystaran feel to them. Perhaps related to Gyerians? Or found in Ochalea or on Myoshima?