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Map of Blizzard Pass, 1 mile per hex

by Robin

Blizzard Pass & Thunderdelve Mountain

And Paizo's Kobold King Series of 4 adventures.

If you like the adventure, they I hope you'l like this map.
This is an overlap of the Central and Northern Karameikan map and the 5shires and Darokin map,.
I used the Alfheim 1 mile map , John Calvin's 1700BC/1000AC overlap map , Gaz5, and Gaz1(all 8mile hexes), to bring more detail to the 6mile hexmap of X1 (which gave more terrain detail), and thus revealed the Blizard Pass, which is hidden in the 8 mile hexes, and lost thus to most players.
The source maps are on the right side

I noticed the fort John Calvin created on the Darokin side of the mountains, being almost equal to the Thunderdelve Mountain adventure, placed canonnically in this general region.
So two great adventures are now located on a single map.

The following is this map thusfar, It will be detailed further, with labels, altitudes, and minor details, yet I hope you like this..
The temple locations are labelled
S1 is the temple as given in the Solo adventure of M1 Blizzard Pass
S2 is the temple as given in the Group adventure of M1 Blizzard Pass
S3 is an extra (larger/multilevel temple on top of the mountain spur, based on M1 Blizzard Pass, and is the main source for the continuous Weather Control in this valley. There are also some shrines.The Kobolds and Ogres work together with human followers of Stodos, and these are mostly Bandits or Clerics demanding tithes by robbing those using the Path. The Troglodytes (even though coldblooded) live on the fringe of the cold area and plunder the caves and temples for food; mostly juicy rocktoads. The clercy of stodos do not like this yet are unable to do something about it. The Troglodytes here often wear furs and leather, and are mostly rockbrown with light splotches. They hate all humans, and humanoids alike, and will eat them if found dead or incapacitated. mist of their diet is however lemmings, and birds, added with local plants.

As to John Calvin I have a question.
You created two towns(Sentambo and Pampawasi) and a road going from the above mentioned fort in the mountains.
First I assume thus that these are mountain based and thus Dwarven, yet I do not understand the name.
Or is there something different.
I succeeeded to place these on the map given here (Sentambo is located North of Adrian Peak and the Blizzard Pass, and the mountain trail follows the Longflask River.
The Lake you created here is just south of the Hin village Long Flask, embraced by the ruins of the mountain chain as per X1, and giving a fertile, maybe somewhat bumby/wavy flatlands on the former lakebed today.
Does this sound right to you, or are there things I need to know, if so Please Share.
Thanx in advance Robin

I have inserted information of the Piazzo's Pathfinder Hollow's Last Hope, Crown of the Kobold King, Revenge of the Kobold King, and Hungy are the Dead adventures into the map.
Not only (after somehat serious remastering to BECMI and to Mystara) the adventures seems funny, and does fit in the region,
the Blizzard Pass makes a settlement as Falcon's Hollow logical.

Some important changes you need to apply;
1 Obvious is that the map hasd been turned 180 degrees, so east is west and north is south, etc. use the Blizzard Pass Map instead.
2 The River Foam from the adventure is now the Helleck River
3 the mountain Droskar's Crag from the adventure is shifted above the woods on the map, and is now Adrian Peak
4 the waterfall from the adventure is now a rapid , and beyond that the water is named Doulos Creek.
5 the distances from the adventure are somewhat more condensed.
6 The Aztlanti Ruined Tomb from the adventure is now an old Azcan/Oltek Ruin
7 reconvert most creatures to Becmi creatures. for example a kobold is a kobold with kobold BECMI statistics and possible Gazetteer adjustments like level, Wokan, Shaman, yet in all other aspects they are still kobolds.
Similar as Ghouls, Mummies and such.
The Blind Mummie Cilios for example would in BECMI still be a normal mummy, with normal Mummy Rot instead Blinding Sickness), yet may have learned to sense opponent further than 5' away.
Some monster may need to be replaced total by similar BECMI monsters to make more sense. It is always best to keep the variety of monsters to a minimum. Not only sociological, biological more logical, in game play this works more realistic. Individual changes still apply to NPCs.
Use common sense, BECMI stats and readjust. (or if you prefer Later D&D versions, use these instead)