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Corunglain area

by Mike Phillips


Thanks, as always, to isomage for hexgimp, Thorf for the art (and Darokin map to work from), and the various denizens of The Piazza for pointers, help, suggestions, and previous development (Chimpman, Gecko, Hugin, Cthulhudrew, Ashtagon, and anyone else I may have missed). Very special mention to Geoff (Seer of Yhog), since this will pull heavily from his campaign development.

Beneza: Village.

Ergythia: elf-friendly border village (Note: like "Ar-delphi-a", taken from Classical Greek city -- Gythium)

(Side note: I intend to do this in a couple other places as well, because my version of Darokin history has the initial Traldar settlements bringing the early Greek feel: Dolos, Athenos, Salonikos, etc. and if you munge a few classical Greek city names that gets preserved as really old history to build on.)

Perisa: Village. See Akorros development.

Keeps and Towers:
Elfwatch: A small keep dating from the Elfwar, it is now more a ceremonial and diplomatic center than an actual fort.

Garron Keep: Small stopping point between Ft. Runnels and Corunglain, mostly for supplies. Named (like most keeps) for a heroic general.

Lairs and Ruins:
Delmar: Ruins dating from [xxx]

Delmar was named because, well, I liked the sound of it (it's the first two-thirds of Delmarva, a local nickname for the eastern peninsula defining the Chesapeake Bay -- DELaware plus MARyland plus VirginiA). Given the local region, it's more likely to be Dell + something else (Mare? Mer? Marl, with the trailing consonant elided?)

Monument of Friendship: Ruins from before the Elfwar, once a marker of the friendship between Alfheim and Darokin. It has since been turned into a memorial of national friendship fallen and renewed.

Other Areas of Interest:


(Humanoids along the border w/Broken Lands, and in hills to west (see Ardelphia region))

Adventure Seeds:

Closing notes: This area should be loaded with history, being a central breadbasket region and a border with the humanoids to the north. The hills are probably dotted with additional long-forgotten ruins.

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