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Campaign journal

by Ray Allen

We're using my own rule set called Warriors and Wizards (, which is a 35e-lite revision for use with Mystara. MC, set in the year 996, started in Karameikos in a village called Goblins Tooth (can be downloaded from>), located on the Highreach River just as it enters the mountains. I ran the GT adventures as well as a converted on-the-fly Wrath of the Minotaur (2e fast play module). From there, we played the Sunless Citadel and Forge of Fury.

Upon exiting the dwarven citadel, the party learned that Goblins Tooth has been attacked and destroyed by the Master's forces and he is looking for them as they hold the key to his future (quest for immortality but the party doesn't know that). It was an "everything's gone" situation. Everything the party knew was destroyed. They travelled down river and met with the remaining forces of Duke Stephen. Here they learned that Von Hendricks has sold out Stephen to the Master by allowing a huge force to land unopposed. The army marched across Karameikos and laid siege to Specularum. On the third day, the city gates were opened from inside and the Master took the city. The Duke escaped just in time! The only part of the country under the control of the Duke is around Threshold. He is currently trying to regroup and counter-attack. He sends out diplomats to the nations of the KW to ask for help but reserves a special mission for the PCs. They are to travel to Sayr Ulan and kill the Master. He has the party teleported to Pramayama.

This is where I started X4/X5/X10. I basically rewrote everything to make one really good module. I decided to place Hule where Sind is located and I moved Gola Keep north to the edge of the mountains (renamed to Gola Abbey). The party has travelled to the abbey and learned that the Crystal Dagger of Cymorrak, when powered by the Star of the Sind, will destroy the Master. Now they just have to find both and learn how to use them.