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Weapon Mastery charts for Martial Arts

by redfish

Hello, I have recently been converting many weapons over from AD&D into The D&D weapon mastery system and I have tapped into the Martial arts whilst I was at it using the Rolemaster system as inspiration (one too many Jackie Chan movies I'm afraid) and if you want the info just email me at redfish, oh yeah if there are any gamers in the northside of Brisbane , QLD, Australia give us a call, or if you want me to explain the stats more clearly just yell

here is the stats for MA

MA Defence BS A:-1AC/1 Dodge 1
{P=A} SK A:-2AC/2 Dod (2) + Dis (+1)
EX A:-3AC/3 Dod (3) + Dis (+2)
MS A:-4AC/4 Dod (4) + Dis (+4)
GM A:-5AC/5 Dod (5) + Dis (+6)
MA Sw & Thr BS 1d3 Delay
{P=A} SK 1d4 +1 Delay + Stun + KO (-1)
EX 1d6+1 Delay + Stun + KO (-2)
MS 2d4+2 Delay + Stun + KO (-4)
GM 2d6+2 Delay + Stun + KO (-6)
MA Strike BS 1d4 Stun
{P=A} SK 1d6 Stun + KO (-1)
EX 2d4 Stun + KO (-2)
MS 3d4 Stun + KO (-4) + DD ( 19-20)
GM 4d4 Stun + KO (-6) + DD (18-20)