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Martial Arts Styles

by Marco Dalmonte

School Name - Location (Nation)
Distinguished Master (D&D Class/Level, race, gender, Hp, Alignment)

Mi: Mystic, E: Elf, D: Druid, H: Halfling, Pa: Paladin, C: Cleric, Or: Orc, M: Mage
u: human, e: Emerondian
m: male, f: female
pf: Hit Points

Note: I've ruled that also elves and halflings can become Mystics! So where the Class is listed as E or H, it's the standard D&D Elf or Halfling class, while when it's listed "MiXX, e/h" then it's an elven or hin Mystic.


Tiger of the One Hundred Eyes - Krondahar (Glantri) Master Raylan-sin (Mi13,u,m,pf:56,L)
Great Order of Saffron - Lhamsa (Glantri) Venerable Batu (Mi20,u,m,pf:70,N)
Almond's Flower - Beitung (Ochalea)
Master Lei Khang (Mi23,u,m,pf:80,L)

Forest Dance

Red Arrow Academy - Shieldtree (Alfheim) Cmdr. Brightsword (E8,m,pf:48,L)
Leaf in the Woods Radlebb (Karameikos)
Sythandria (E7,f,pf:50,N)
Mother Forest Order - Emerond (Davania) Pikkolu (D36,em,m,pf:81,N)
Order of the Eternal Fall - Shiye-Lawr (Alphatia) Master Evankye (Mi15,e,m,pf:63,C)
Dragon of the Five Peaks - Kevar (Wendar) Shiriassos (Mi17,e,m,pf:69,N)

Ten Thousand Fists

Ten Thousand Fists of the Khan - Ethengar Master Shangsun (Mi33,u,m,pf:105,N)
Tiger's Claw - Wongzhao Tsuhao (Ochalea) Master Mitsuhashi (Mi19,u,m,pf:68,C)


Nob Nar Academy - Shireton (Five Shires) Master Stewynn Seagull (Mi15,h,m,pf:55,L) Order of Blackflame - Leeha (Norwold)
"Ranger" Walker Norris (H8,m,pf:40,L)
Hollister School for Self-defence - Athenos (Darokin) Master Krylin Hollister (Mi12,h,m,pf:50,N)

Jeet Kune Do

Orient Dragon - Wutang Dong Ha (Ochalea) Master Chen Lee (Mi36,u,m,pf:100,N)
Dawn Heron - East Portage (Isle of Dawn) Ken Myers (Mi19,u,m,pf:67,N)


Arcobaleno dell'Est - Chung Tsu (Ochalea) Master Maruyama (Mi26,u,m,pf:74,L)
Kei Order - Sind
Master Sanat (Mi31,u,m,pf:90,N)
Bettelyn Academy - Bettelyn (Alphatia)
Cmdr. Atuparan (Pa16,u,f,pf:47,C)


Five Stars of Chi - Chi Plains (Ochalea) Master Ito Shinji (Mi18,u,m,pf:70,N)
Father Sun Order - Emerond (Davania)
Dendeh (C36,m,pf:72,N)

Savage Kenpo

Legion of Thar - Orcus Rex (Broken Lands) Blakna (Or13,m,pf:80,C)
Spirit Dance - Atruaghin Plateau
Thunderhawk (Mi15,u,m,pf:55,C)
Ten Thousand Hands of Bozdogan - Magden (Hule) Master Huyulek (Mi30,u,m,pf:88,C)
Ogre Fist - Limn (Alphatia)
Chankrana (Or10,f,pf:70,N)

Sindhi Kickboxing

Jashpurdhana Order - Kadesh (Sind)
Master Tayib (Mi27,u,m,pf:84,N)
Shehid Order - Sind
Master Lal (Mi21,u,m,pf:70,L)
Hosadus' Claws - Khuur (Hule)
Master Vega (Mi19,u,m,pf:65,C)


Roar of the Golden Lion - Ying Tang (Ochalea) Master Wong Fu Yi (Mi34,u,m,pf:93,L)
Order of the Fistful Thunder - Stonewall (Alphatia) Cmdr. Aylishun (M20,u,m,pf:50,C)
Sister Earth Order - Emerond (Davania)
Kami (D30,f,pf:70,N)

Freestyle Wrestling

Gladiators Arena - Thyatis City (Thyatis) Maximus Meridio (G24,u,m,pf:102,C)
Thar Legion - Orcus Rex (Broken Lands)
Gorro Four-arms (Oc12,m,pf:104,C)
Goraev Wrestling School - Specularum (Karameikos) Igor Zankief (Mi11,u,m,pf:60,C)

Milenio-Thyatian Wrestling

Imperial Academy - Thyatis City (Thyatis) Cmdr. Iulius Cassius (G12,u,m,pf:63,L) Gladiators Arena - Thyatis City (Thyatis) Dimitrios (G9,u,m,pf:54,N)

Nuari Wrestling

Order of the High Spider - Pearl Islands Master Humbutu (Mi22,u,m,pf:71,N)
Brotherhood of the Order - Tanakumba (Yavdlom) Venerable Birungi (Mi14,e,m,pf:56,L)


Southern Siren - Blackrock (Minrothad)
Dennis Posman (M10,u,m,pf:52,L)
Panther's Fangs - Thanegioth
Sagh-ath (Mi14,u,m,pf:65,C)


Thesalis Gymnasium - Kastelios (Davania) Master Savvas Thesalis (Mi26,u,m,pf:90,N) Kamakis Gymnasium - Zendrol (Thyatis)
Master Nikolaus Kamakis (Mi14,u,m,pf:66,L)

Spider Stance

Order of the Square Web - Edairo (Thothia) Master Hotepsis (Mi36,m,pf:100,C)
Magus's Eyes - Nezhev (Herath)
Master Venyom (Mi12,a,pf:60,C)

Rock Fist

Order of the Rock - Dengar (Rockhome)
Barrog Flasheyes (N12,m,pf:60,N)
Gladiators Arena - Thyatis City (Thyatis) Guiles (G19,u,m,pf:88,C)
Adventurers Club - Ierendi (Ierendi)
Johnny Cageson (G12,m,pf:68,C)

Makai Shudo

Cobra Dance - Ierendi
Master Tuipaniki (Mi16,u,m,pf:65,L)

Sumo Wrestling

Onda Gymnasium - Thyatis City (Thyatis) Oyakata Erasmus Onda (Mi10,u,m,pf:60,N) Heya Mitohoshi - Wongzhao Tsu Yi (Ochalea) Oyakata Ukio Mitohoshi (Mi29,u,m,pf:96,N)

Tae kwan do

Sky Dragon's Claw - Chungkiang (Ochalea) Master Fei Long (Mi20,u,m,pf:71,N)
Dragon Wings - Randel (Alphatia)
Master Ryun (Mi21,u,m,pf:75,L)

Order of the Shell - Dunwick (Bellayne) Master Moten (Mi24,t,m,pf:78,L)

Desert Wind
Order of the Sands - Alaysia (Ylaruam)
Master Farid al-Dijay (Mi18,u,m,pf:68,N) Children of the Ashes - Jhengal (Sind)
Master Dalsheem (Mi14,u,m,pf:58,C)

BTW any thoughts on a signature move that will identify each fighting style from the other?

Oh, well, it's logical they differentiate from each other basing on the standing position (main difference is DEFENSIVE vs OFFENSIVE type of schools). I haven't really figured one stance for each school, only a couple.

For example, Makai Shudo always uses preferably kicks and it's very similar to Capoeira (Brazilian martial art/dance where the "fighter" makes very fluent moves also balancing on his arms to avoid the attacker's blows and strike with his feets).

Sumo is obviously based on balance and resistance (I've even made a Sumo Wrestler kit for Mystics!!), with a steady position at first, followed by sudden and quick darts towards the enemy to push him off balance.

Tae Kwan Do is another school that is based on kicks for the most, but its moves are not so "fluent and delicate" as the Capoeira. Rather they're stiff, powerful blows always directed at vital points made using one leg to strike and the other to keep one's from falling.

Karate is based on certain fixed moves (Kata) one learns to use to defend himself and counterattack. The Karate fighter always stands with low hip, one leg forward and the other back to keep balance, and one arm extended and the other near his side.

Kung fu is the oldest martial art style in RL and it is famous for its 18 styles, each one based on real animals (the Snake, Tiger, Bear and Mantis being the most famous). Its specialists also uses some martial arts weapons (ex: spear, nunchaku, chain, scimitar, sang kauw, siangkam, etc.) together with bare hands (as karate does too), and there are some feats that allows this.

Aikido is a defensive style based on Throws and wrestling moves, which uses the attacker's strength and energy against him, to make him lose his foot and throw him off the ground.