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M-Birthright Thaumont 1005

by Aleksei Andrievski

Latest news from my PBeM...

The Poor Wizard's Newsletter

Southeastern Mystara


The Emperor was on vacation last month, apparently in the Pearl Islands, so nothing much has been happening.


Duke Stefan apparently had a hard time negotiating a deal with the Church of Traladara, as after the meeting he has not made a public appearance for several weeks.


Guildmaster Oran Meditor has announced that his court will no longer hold regular festivities and other expensive events. Despite some grumbling and complaining by the courtiers, the measure was passed. The Guildmaster also announced the opening of several sea trade routes this month. Currently, all trade routes are serviced by the Meditor Guild and their purpose is to exchange goods between the various islands of Minrothad. It is widely thought that the Guildmaster intends to open trade relations with foreign nations in the near future.


Sultan Mohammed al-Kalim has increased spending in the emirates of Dythestenia and Nithia, providing better law enforcement in those provinces. He has also started to build a grand palace in his capital city.


Our reporters have found out that the Count of Hattias has invested the control of the Death Storm of Thanatos to his lieutenant, high priest Fritz Hawerbaum. It will certainly allow the Count to utilise the temple more efficiently - which does not bode well for the neighbouring nations.

Southwestern Mystara


The Master of Hule has announced the investiture of his source holdings to the Black Rajah of Jaibul, one of his lieutenants. This event spells doom for all freedom fighters in Sind, for the Black Rajah is rumoured to be a mighty wizard who can hold his own even to the Princes of Glantri. The new owner of the sources will be able to utilise them much more efficiently than the Master.


Leethila Barburgh, an ambassador from Ierendi, has gained the co- operation of the Five Shires in both trade and military matters. Apparently, the hin were quite impressed when Leethila showed up in the Shireton port with several ships! In any case, Ierendi and Five Shires have opened trade relations, as well as signed a military alliance.
King Palfrit has also announced his intention to improve the economic status of his kingdom by creating a new trading post on Safari Isle. The trading post is expected to bring good profits, because Safari isle is a popular visitor site.

Atruaghin Clans

Nothing of note was heard from this area.

Central Mystara


More new trade routes were announced last month by various merchant houses of Darokin. Also Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea has signed a trade alliance with Five Shires and Bear Clan of Atruaghin.


King Doriath was still not available for comment and his advisers said he was conducting important research.


King Everast has announced the formation of alliances with the nations of Ethengar and Soderfjord. This action creates a fairly strong block in the northeastern Mystara that should give pause to any hostile nations.

Five Shires

Warleader Jaervosz Dustyboots has ordered the expansion of Rollstone Keep in Eastshire. The small tower will be expanded into a larger fort, in order to house more soldiers and to ensure the security of the eastern border. Also, the Warleader has introduced his newest lieutenant, the well-known hin adventurer Joam Astlar, who will likely be put in charge of several army units.

Northeastern Mystara


The Temple of Vanya sent a clear message last month that all trade in Heldann must be regulated by the temple. High Cleric Wulf von Klagendorf created several trade routes, both land and sea, within his realm. Apparently, hopes are low for other guilders seeking to do trade in that northern realm. One can only wonder why priests of an Immortal of conquest try to get their fingers into monetary pursuits.


Apparently, Moglai Khan had some more trouble in the Land of Black Sand, as no word has been heard of him in a while. Shamans say, however, that the Great Khan has been communing with the Immortals and asking for guidance.
Meanwhile, a large horde of undead has suddenly appeared in Kiyats. It is not yet known who controls it, but they look like big trouble.

The Northern Reaches

Warleader Ragnar the Stout has sent his representatives to discuss with other jarls in the area of Haltford the possibility of a united Soderfjord, with him as its king. After some debate (which involved drinking much mead), most jarls (those who hadn't passed out yet) voted against the proposal, saying that they "don't need no-one telling them what to do".
King Harald of Vestland has founded a small trading company in his capital city, Norrvik in Sveamark. He said its purpose was to provide better welfare to his people and to let other nations see that Vestland intends to become a modern, civilised state.
King Hord Dark-Eye of Ostland was on holiday last month. Apparently, it involved sailing to far-off shores, looting and pillaging the coastal villages, bashing people on the head, and drinking lots of alcohol afterwards. At least it meant a break for Ostland's government officials (that is, thugs paid by the king to rob people under the guise of "collecting taxes").

Northwestern Mystara


Once again, Grand Master Etienne d'Ambreville and Prince Brannart McGregor clashed on a political level. This fight has not been successful for McGregor, who lost some control of his sources and law enforcement ability. On the other hand, some undead under McGregor's control have occupied the province of Klantyre, destroying the large temple of Rad in the town of Glenmoorloch.

Broken Lands

Ethengarian travellers reported that increasingly more orcish guards have been seen in Hobgobland. It appears that King Thar is tightening his grip on that rebellious province.

Shadow Elves

Nothing has been heard of the mysterious Shadow Elves. One wonders if they are merely a myth created by the elves of Alfheim.

Advertisements and Announcements

This section is reserved for various announcements that regents wish to make. Any regent can get his announcement posted to everyone.

Chandra ul-Nervi, former Rajadhiraja of Sind, sends a plea for help: "Send all aid you can, for if I should fall, the rest of the world will be next."
Master of Hule, conqueror of Sind, sends a message to all regents: "Should any of you desire to submit to me as my vassals, your lives and property will be spared. All others will be utterly destroyed. Anyone giving any aid to the puny rebels within my country will be marked as the first to die."

Annual Ratings

In Thaumont each year, we will be conducting an extensive research into the relative strength of various realms, temples, guild networks, and wizards. They will be rated mostly according to their domain power and military strength, and to a lesser extent the strength of their allies and the extravagance of their courts. We will then present the three most powerful domains in each category. Below are the results for the end of Thaumont, 1005 AC.

Most Powerful Countries (counting all factors)
1.Thyatis, due to their huge population and large army.
2.Darokin - although their own power is not that big, they have plenty of allies.
3.Sind, also due to their large population and notable army. Runner- up: Minrothad

Realms With Most Personal Power (counting only domain strength)
Runner-up: Darokin

Most Militaristic Realms
Runner-up: Darokin

Most Popular Temples
1.Temples of Rad, largely due to the fact that it's run by one of the most influential regents. How ironic that it's not really a religious organisation...
2.Holy Temple of Bozdogan, again due to the power of its regent.
3.Church of Minrothad, largely thanks to its alliance with the powerful Meditor Guild.
Runner-up: Church of Darokin

Temples With Most Personal Power
1.Temples of Rad
2.Church of Darokin
3.Radiant Temple of Rafiel
Runner-up: Holy Temple of Bozdogan

Most Influential Guild Networks
1.Mauntea House, due to its large number of allies.
2.Meditor Guild, due to its large reach.
3.Umbarth House, also due to its large reach.
Runner-up: Linton House.

Guild Networks With Most Personal Power
1.Meditor Guild
2.Umbarth House
3.Mauntea House
Runner-up: Merchants' Consortium

Most Influential Wizards
1.Etienne d'Ambreville, due to his overall power.
2.Magist Demetrion, somewhat due to his alliance with Thyatis.
3.Doriath of Alfheim, mostly because of the powerful magic sources in Alfheim.
Runner-up: Oran Meditor

Most Personally Powerful Wizards
1.Doriath of Alfheim
2.Saru the Serpent
3.Magist Demetrion
Runner-up: Doge Kol, believe it or not

Most Skilled Wizards
This section isn't likely to change a lot, as the power of most archmages is pretty established. Unless one of them dies, this list will likely remain the same.
1.Etienne d'Ambreville. No other archmage comes even close to the Grand Master's level of power.
2.Barimoor. The mysterious wizard of Ylaruam seems mighty indeed.
3.This place is tied between Black Rajah, Brannart McGregor, Jaime Honeycreeper, and Demetrion of Thyatis.