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Mystara Cosmology revised

by Håvard

Here is an attempt at revising the Mystara Cosmology. I have tried to combine ideas I like from both 3E and OD&D sources, my aim being to preserve the main concepts from Mystara, but making some parts more accessible in regular campaigns. I've been stealing ideas from others on these boards, but more subconsciously than anything else, so no names will be mentioned. Here is the general outlook:

Cosmology of Mystara (Revised)
The Multiverse
Inner Planes
Prime Plane (Mystara)
Plane of Fire
Plane of Earth
Plane of Water
Plane of Air
Plane of Limbo (Negative Energy)
Plane of Dreamlands (Positive Energy)

Transitive Planes
Ethereal Plane (Coterminous with Prime, Ethereal and Nightmare Plane)
Nightmare Plane (Coterminous with Prime, Ethereal and Astral Plane, Linked with alternate Primes)
Astral Plane (Coterminous with Ethereal, Nightmare and Outer Planes)
Vortex Plane (The outermost layer of the Multiverse, extremely hostile environment)

Outer Planes
Plane of Energy (Draesten)
Plane of Matter (Brynn)
Plane of Time (Entrem)
Plane of Thought (Mirage)
Plane of Entropy (Pyx)
(Each of the above provides a connection to the home planes of the immortals of that sphere.)

Alternate Prime Planes
Plane of Old Alphatia
Plane of New Blackmoor
Plane of Aelos
Plane of Laterre (Myth)
Plane of Technology

For more Outer Planes, see my Complete List of Mystaran Planes and Dimensions