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Darokin Merchant Lords

by Aleksei Andrievski

As you know, GAZ11 does not give a great deal of information on important persons of Darokin (instead choosing to concentrate on unimportant ones ;) So I present here the proposed ages and levels of merchant house lords, along with reasons for choosing a specific age.

Proposed ages of Darokin Merchant House Leaders, AC1000

Corwyn Mauntea 46 (PWAs), Merchant 25
Lucius Linton 67, Merchant 23
* His third son, Corwyn Linton, is 38, and I assumed he got the third son around age 30.
Bertram Hallonica, 59, Merchant 20
* His father Rypien died in 988, probably around 70-80 years old. Nathalie Kalimi, 68, Merchant 18
* She is the widow of Vardon Kalimi, who retired in 971 (probably dying shortly thereafter). So Nathalie is probably quite old as well. Elissa Pennydown, 26, Merchant 17
* Pennydown was founded around 930, and Elissa is the great- granddaughter of the founder, so she should be quite young. Greenleaf Vickers, 27, Merchant 15
* He is a descendant of Sasheme Vickers, the first great diplomat, which presumably means he is not a son but farther along the line. Assuming the DDC was founded around the Great Merger or some time later, Greenleaf should be quite young.
Eshram al-Azrad, 44, Merchant 14
* This is arbitrary.
Arturo Franich, 51, Merchant 13
* Franich was founded in 937, and Arturo is the son of the founder, so he should be in the late middle age.
Mendel Callister, 47, Merchant 12
* Again, this is arbitrary.