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by Sean Meaney

The meta-class is a class constructed from a multi-class set functioning on an experience progression table that skips every to every second (or third) level for its experience progression. Thus a meta with two basic classes requires progression on a table made from every second experience increment.

Mystaran Meta-classes
Mystaran Elf (Fighter-Wizard)
Forester The Elves of Alphatia, Wendar, Alfheim, Karameikos are a forest wilderness Oriented Meta-class. Their preferred weapons are longbow and longsword
Swashbuckler The elves of the Savage Coast/Belcadiz prefer crossbow and rapier and are a more desert oriented elf. (The Belcadiz Elves)

Savage Coast Crusader (Fighter-Cleric) These savage coast elves have abandoned the wizard path and take the cleric in its place.

Headsman (Fighter-Thief) Skills: Craft (poison), Disguise, Languages, Profession (Day-job); Feats: Martial Weapons, Exotic Weapons, Killing Arts Usually multiple weapon focus.
Executioner (Alignment: Neutral)-Employed by the Dominion Monarch to execute criminals who receive the death penalty for any of various crimes.
Thug (Alignment: Any Evil)-Member of a secret criminal organisation known as the Pragmati. The Thug is a killer for hire yet has no problems with blackmailing past clients, kidnappings, and so forth.

Forester (Fighter-Wizard) A human meta-class made available by some elf communities. Skills: Wilderness & Nature; Feats: Weapons (Long Bow, Long sword), Archery focus

Shadow-Elf Shaman (Fighter-Wizard-Cleric) The Shaman is one of the few meta-classes that are a three-class multi-classing (Porphyriel, The Radiant Shaman is 21st level (Fighter L21, Wizard L21, Cleric of Rafiel L21))

Dwarven Cleric (Fighter-Cleric) This Dwarf worships Kagyar

Humanoid Raider (Fighter-Thief) This is common in the Humanoid states. Skills and feats are bandit orientated

Other Meta-classes
Necromancer (Wizard-Cleric) While Necromancy is a wizard secret craft available to Glantrian mages; and the Death cleric, and the Necromancer wizard are available in the Isle of Dread as a Zombie-master, the true Necromancer (one skilled in wizard necromancy and clerical death magic) is yet to make an appearance (although this may change with the formation of an Undead Nation in the far north of the known world).

The Shadow-elf Shaman Meta-class

Denail Eelfianil
6th level Shadow-elf Shaman

STR 11, DEX 17, CON 12, INT 18, WIS 16, CHA 9, HP 103, AC13, FORT +13, REF +9, WILL +15
MELEE +13/+8/+3, RANGED +16/+11/+6, INIT +3, SPEED 30, WEIGHT 115lb, HEIGHT 4'10",
ALIGNMENT: Lawful (Good)
LANGUAGES: Shadow-elf, Dwarf, Oenkmarian, Darokinian

SKILLS: Climb (10), Concentration (10), Diplomacy (10), Knowledge-Arcana (10), Knowledge-Religion (10), Listen (10), Search (10), Spellcraft (19), Spot (10)

FEATS: Scribe Scroll, Alertness, Blind-fight, Combat Casting, Exotic Weapon (Hand Crossbow), Quickdraw, Leadership, Combat Reflexes, Weapon Focus (Hand Crossbow), Brew Potion,
Track, Improved Crit. (Hand Crossbow), Weapon Specialisation (Hand Crossbow)

DOMAINS (Cleric of Rafiel)
RADIANCE (SUN VARIANT): Turn Greater Undead 1/day

CLERIC SPELLS (Most Commonly Prayed For)
1-Endure Elements, Detect Secret Doors
2- Heat Metal, Detect Thoughts
3- Radiation Burn (Searing Light Variant), Clairvoyance

1-Charm Person, Comprehend languages, Hold Portal, Identify, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Shield, Sleep, Ventriloquism
2-Knock, Mirror Image, See Invisibility, Web
3- Fly, Haste, Hold Person, Lightning Bolt

Experience Progression of the Shadow-elf Shaman

Level Experience Required
1 0xp


3 36,000xp
4 66,000xp
5 105,000xp
6 153,000xp

NOTE: Putting this sixth level shaman in perspective, the Radiant Shaman (Porphyriel) is of the 21st level. That places her at the far end of Epic level power and soon she will be ready to quest for Immortality.
What Better Achievement of Immortality than to take the City of Stars into Spelljammer Space that the city might sit on the outer surface of the Mystaran crystal sphere.

The Isle of Dread Zombiemaster Meta-class

10th level Human Zombiemaster

STR 12, DEX 9, CON 12, INT 15, WIS 17, CHA 11, HP 103, AC9, FORT +11, REF +5, WILL +17, MELEE +13/+8/+3, RANGED +11/+6/+1, INIT -1, SPEED 30, WEIGHT 186lb, HEIGHT 5'9", AGE 27, +14 ATTACK BONUS, Sickle 1d6+1
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
LANGUAGES: Thanegioth, Thyatian

SKILLS: Alchemy (13), Concentration (13), Craft/Weaving (12), Knowledge-Arcana (12), Knowledge-Religion (12), Move Silently(8), Spellcraft (23), Performance (12)

FEATS: Scribe Scroll, Alertness, Blind-fight, Combat Casting, Leadership, Weapon Focus (Sickle), Brew Potion,
craft wondrous item, Improved Crit. (Sickle), Weapon Finesse (sickle)

DOMAINS (Cleric of Thanatos)
DEATH: death touch 1/day

CLERIC SPELLS (Most Commonly Prayed For)
1-Cause Fear
2- Death Knell
3- Animate Dead
4-Death Warding
5-Slay Living

1-Cause Fear, Chill touch, ray of enfeeblement
2-ghoul touch, scare, spectral hand
3- gentle repose, halt undead, vampire touch
4-contaigion, enervation, fear
5-Animate dead, magic jar

Experience Progression of the Isle of Dread Zombiemaster

Level Experience Required
1 0xp
2 6,000xp
3 15,000xp
4 28,000xp
5 45,000xp
6 66,000xp
7 91,000xp
8 120,000xp
9 153,000xp
10 190,000xp