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I've always liked history and especially antiquity (don't know if you use this word ...). I'll present here a short story of how was created gold on Mystara. Beware it's not a canon story but perhaps a ... myth ? It's obviously based on our mythology ... Send remarks, and good Thursday to all ...

Midas lack of luck

by Marc-Antoine Guidault

A long time ago, a Thyatian tribe has established on a river shores named Pactol. A mage named Midas leaded this community, and was said to be protected by the Immortals. A gnoll tribe approached one day the young city, so the wizard ask the Immortals for something to submit the beastmen. Thanatos then appeared him, and granted him the power of turning everything into an unknown thing at this time, into gold.

Pleased, Midas turned some stones that he gave the beastmen leader, so that he went back with his army to the near hills. Alas, Midas discovered he was not able to live with his new gift ( he cannot eat as all he touched was turned to gold for example ...), that's why he complained to the Immortals. Valerias then appeared him and ask him to plunge his hands in the source of the river, so that the enchantment would disappear. So, Midas went upstream as quickly as he was able to ...

The gnoll chieftain wasn't able to contain his men during this time, and, eager for gold, they break on the city to take all it contained. As they didn't find anything (and no gold !), they destroyed it, leaving few survivors. Midas, nearly dead of hunger, arrived at the source, and as he plunged his hands into the clear water, they disappeared. The river then suddenly became full of gold nuggets that dispersed through the world, and Valerias, carrying a hand for herself, hide the other under mountains.

Back to his former city, Midas found it devastated, and not to undergo the shame of this disaster, he drew up his own rough-hew funeral before ending his life.