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Pantheon of the Lawful Brotherhood and the Temple of Law

by James Mishler

Vidun (Odin) is the leader of the Lawful Brotherhood pantheon, and takes his role most seriously. Most of the Galanese do not revere Vidun directly; he is more of a distant, grandfatherly figure. He is the Patron of Truth, Rulership and Wisdom, so the various nobles and the Royal Family take him very seriously. The Holy Guard of the City of Galandar holds him as their Patron as well. He is regarded as the Father of Torun, and thus places much of the day to day workings of the Pantheon on his shoulders. His symbol is a golden Arrow of Law on a white field or, alternatively, a Gold Dragon Rampant on a scarlet field (especially in Galannor).

Torun (Thor) is the "Right-Hand-Man" of Vidun, and is the patron of the Knights of Galannor, the Noble Contingent of the Army of Galannor (made up of younger sons of the nobility). He is the Immortal most commoners will pray to when they need guidance, as he is much more straightforward in thinking, rather than his more esoteric Patron and Father, Vidan. He is Patron of Righteous War and Honourable Actions, and as such there are a number of Paladins who dedicate their oaths to him. Thor is personally less than enthused that Odin has placed the "bureaucracy" of the Pantheon in his hands, but Odin just says that it will be a "good lesson in patience". His symbol is a golden sword, or more commonly, a golden spear.

Kandar (Ka) and Berunna (Diamond) are the opposite of Buyulome (Thanatos) and Guzelik the Great (Pearl) in the Hulean Pantheon. While Buyulome and Guzelik represent Death, Destruction and Chaos, Kandar and Berunna represent the maintenance of Order in the Universe. They are said to ride before the Army of Galannor on its crusades against Hule, and are believed to patrol the Lands of Law searching out any taint of Chaos. They are the Patrons of the Order of the Golden Dragon (Paladins), the members of which enter Chaos-ridden territories seeking out sources of Chaos. High level Paladins can eventually get a Gold Dragon as a bonded mount, though Pegasai, Griffons and Giant Eagles are more common. The symbol of Kandar is a golden Arrow of Law or golden sword with eagle wings; the symbol of Berunna is a Gold Dragon volant (flying). Their symbol together is a golden band with a golden Arrow of Law inside. The coat of arms of the Order of the Golden Dragon is azure (blue), a Dragon volant or (gold); their badge is a golden ring containing a blue field, upon which is superimposed a white Arrow of Law.

Darunna (Terra)

Sula (Ostara) (Ostara is a lawful neutral Eternal of the Sphere of Energy; in mortal life, a Skhandaharian sun-priestess who achieved immortality when Blackmoor was young, with Ixion as her Patron).

Ven (Frey) and Venna (Freyja)

Galanese Name Common Name AL Areas of Concern
Berunna (f) Diamond LN Dragons, Winged Beasts, War
Darunna (f) Terra LN Marriage, Children
Kandar Ka LN Life, Defence, Order
Sula (f) Ostara LN Light, The Sun /td>
Torun Thor LN Vidun's Right-Hand-Man
Ven Frey LN Agriculture, Rains
Venna (f) Freyja LN Home and The Hearth
Vidun Odin LN Rulership, Wisdom, Law
Halun Halav LN Strategy, Anti-Beastman
Kalam al-Kalim LN Right Thinking, Honour
Mata (f) Maat LN Social Stability
Rad Rad LN Magic and Wizards
Sul Ilsundal LG The Sun, Paladins
Tara (f) Tarastia LN Justice, Revenge
Tavar Ausar LN Demon Hunters
Tumak Kurtulmak LE Repentant Beastmen
Zanar Atruaghin LN Forests, Barbarians