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The Milenian Church of Tarastia

by Mischa E Gelman

As a preface to two new immortals, I decided to describe the Milenian church of Tarastia, as I have developed it . All suggestions and comments welcome.

The Milenian Church of Tarastia

Pantheon: The M C of T includes Tarastia, of course. The two new immortals, Alexander and Pana, recent paladins of said religion, are minor deities who are just beginning to get worshipped as such here. Halav and Petra are worshipped simply to pacify the Milenian officials-they rank as minor members of the pantheon.

Relations w/ Milenia in general: Relations with Milenia have often been strained due to the closeness with the Jennites, fellow Tarastia followers. Also many members of the church are adamant about abolition of slavery and equal rights for women, which is frowned upon by the Milenian government. Tensions reached their highest when Pana and Alexander helped the Jennites in trying to stop Adronius' plan of damming all their lands-an act that resulted in a minor treaty between the two nations granting Milenia land and insuring Jennites water. The two paladins who led the outsiders were exiled. Pana and Alexander made it back into the good graces of Milenia by helping many assorted forces in vanquishing the Tower of Night, in which Tarastia' forces played a key role. Since then tensions have existed, but not much.

Location: The M C. of T. was originally centred in Tromeas and the neighbouring towns, near the temple of Tarastia. The minor temple by Pelai was also a sight of Tarastia worship. But recently Pana and Alexander and their followers(described below) cleared out the land of Phos into a town of law and order and overall goodness. Since then, much of the Tarastia church(mainly fighter-types) relocated to Phos.

Composition: The church is mostly fighters training to be paladins(25%) and paladins(5%). Mages play a very minor role(2%) as do mystics(1%). Normal men and women make up 30% of the church.(many worshippers become paladin-trainees so as to further the cause better) The rest is clerical(low #s due to WIS requirement of Hollow World). The leader is always a cleric, though. (see below for leadership details)

Laws: The Temples of Tarastia and the Town of Phos have been established as areas free from general Milenia law. These areas are under the strict rule of Tarastia's forces and more orderly than most of Milenia. Also, the Milenian laws normally transfer over to these areas anyways, except those which are unjust.

Relations w/other churches: Petra and Halav recognise the service done to the country by this organisation, and so have mostly let them be. Jammudaru, a very minor player in Milenia, is a major foe. Nyx(sp?) is also a hater of this group, for they destroyed the followers of Nyx. The few remaining followers of Nyx in Milenia have banded together in small groups, often attacking unsuccessfully the temples of Tarastia. A medium-sized pocket of resistance has formed in Demtor and plans on attacking the Pelai temple soon. Asterius regrets the loss of thievery in Phos, but the city's safety has increased merchant trade, pacifying him. The 12 Artisans(right name?) are also happy with the freedom of craftsmen in Phos and the surrounding countryside.

Leadership: The head of the church for the last 19 years has been Goraldion, 22nd level cleric of Tarastia. He believes in a mildly strong, honest rule which he has carried out. He allows the rest of the church to undertake missions for Tarastia, and sometimes supplies them even if they don't ask(assuming he knows of them). He is a busy man but happy of the church's expansion to Phos and the addition of the 2 new immortals(who he knows exist, but does not worship). At age 56, he still runs the main centre near Tromeas and allows the "young folk" to run much of the advances. He is on high terms with the Jennite king-priests and has been trying to get representatives from Milenia into the main branches of Tarastia in the Jennite lands as well as draw Jennites to Milenia to help teach the followers there.

The current head of the Phos movement is Liberios, a 15-th level cleric. He takes orders from Goraldion, but basically has free reign as lord-mayor of the city. He prefers combat as a means to the ends of the church, and has created a somewhat violent police force of Phos. Still, he is well-respected for his courage and zeal and at age 48, is the #2 cleric of Tarastia in Milenia. He is rather new to the role, put in 3 years ago when the great teacher-cleric Platas died fighting the Liches of Corisa.

The current head of the paladins of Tarastia is Caracia, a 15th level paladin.(no spell-casting). She has developed the armed forces of Tarastia into a smooth unit and still trains the forces of Paladins at the main church near Tromeas. She has worked hard for the Tarastian movement and is pleased at its growth. She has run the army now for 12 yrs, since the age of 31 and is the best fighter in the church. She does not believe in retiring soon, and continues to gain more paladin-trainees at Tromeas each year.

Oleus, a 38 year old, 14-th level paladin(not spell-casting) runs the Phos military. He is a strict military man and no-nonsense. He takes orders from Caracia at Tromeas, but due to the distance has basically free reign, just like Liberios. He often clashes with the more violent, less orderly, more devout Liberios over matters in Phos, but is respected by the lord-mayor and is given much consideration.

Followers of Pana and Alexander:

Note: I mean the followers of them in life-their allies and underlings mostly. I do not mean those who worship them.

Clerics(all 15th level, only Idaemos is over 35)

Idaemos is a 42 year old cleric. He is a vigilante for the most part, not feeling that most of Tarastia's followers are capable of achieving as much as him. He is an independent type and never got used to his role as an underling to the 2 paladins. He doesn't believe at all in laws, but is a gung-ho type for justice (his interpretation thereof). He is currently roaming the lands of Milenia as a vigilante looking for injustice to eliminate. he is a wanted man by the Milenian government, which looks distastefully at his actions

Thessne is a youngish cleric of Tarastia. She resides at the Pelai port with her husband, Epicharthenes(13-th level paladin(not spellcasting), another follower of the 2 paladins. They are both sailors at heart and work hard against pirates and dealers in contraband. They run an orphanage and hospital at Pelai and are known to take in many unfortunates of all kinds.

Demosthenes is a strong believer in justice. In fact, it is the one rule he follows- do what is right. It has caused little problem with the Tarastian officials, but Milenians have a dislike for his ideas. Still, they must accept him, as legally elected magistrate of Phos(and a fine one). He wishes to eventually fix the laws of the country through their legislature. He dislikes fighting and only uses it as a last resort, preferring negotiations.

Platme is the oldest daughter of Pana and Alexander. She was blessed with the clerical nature her parents were not. She knows they have become immortal, but still keeps Tarastia as her sole deity, though she does pay them homage. She is a strong believer in all the ideals of Tarastia and her parents and is proud of what they did for Phos. She is an innate wanderer and feels stifled if somewhere for a long time. For now, she is currently running the search crews that take out bandits in the Phos countryside.


Thesseon is the high mage of Tarastian followers in Milenia. He is a middle-age 12-th level mage who is a strong believer in justice. He is ALWAYS calm and in control of himself. He is an expert scholar of Milenian law and wants to fix all the problems therein. As a result, he wishes to run for magistrate in Corisa, where he knows he will be opposed by the political machines there. He is patient, though, and is developing a fine reputation as a legal scholar

Paladin followers(all level 13, only Karara is a spell-caster):

Karara is a youngish paladin who tries to take control of every situation. She underestimates her allies and those she meets, while tending to overestimate her own skills, which are good, but not great. Hence she has trouble taking orders from anyone who is not her obvious superior and thus only Goraldion in this church. She used to be very arrogant but has cut that down as she realises that she should pity those inferior others not treat them badly. Recently she has taken over the defence of one squadron of footmen at Phos, whom she is trying to get to follow her image as best they can. She is well-meaning despite her arrogance, though and truly respects the ideals of Tarastia, if she doesn't interpret them all that well.

Tyrder ran away from home at a young age. He was mad at the poor treatment the servants got at his wealthy house. He found his way to the Tromeas temple of Tarastia and started on the path to paladin-hood. He has become a major force in trying to free slaves who are mistreated throughout Milenia. Currently he resides in Tromeas with his wife, Carmela(discussed later). He is a kind soul but hates it when nice people get pushed too far and often stands up for anyone who is getting is treated.

Liberom is not a paladin, only a fighter who follows the ideals of Tarastia. He is at Tromeas now, acting as a teacher to new recruits to the cause of Tarastia. He is a skilled fighter in pole arms but dislikes violence. He blends in perfectly in a Milenian crowd in any part of the country and looks average enough to almost go unnoticed in Traldar or Jennite lands despite their different looks.

Menana came to the cause of Tarastia under the influence of Pana. Meeting this woman who rose so far above Milenian oppression and into the high ranks of the Tarastian church gave her hope that she could succeed there too. She has tried to model herself after Pana, but has a large ego that prevents her from seeing some of her faults, such as her over-willingness to battle. She assumes she is the leader of a group, if not told she is not. She is currently in Western Milenia at the Jennite border as a negotiator between the two branches of Tarastia worship, if any troubles arise between the two countries. She is starting to chafe under her role, as she wants action, though, and has taken on missions to Northwest Milenia for Tarastia without notifying the main church.

Cryusion is not a paladin, but rather a fighter also. He is a pacifist, except when Jammudaru is involved. He has been the major anti-Jammudaru crusader in Milenia and continues to hunt down all followers of said deity found. He otherwise tends to be scholarly and quiet. He currently is trying to found a church of Tarastia in Demtor.

Epicharthenes is mentioned earlier(by Thesne).

Carmela is a strong follower and believer in the ideal of justice. She is trying to rebuild the Milenian justice system so it actually is just. For now she is in Tromeas with her husband Tyrder as the two paladins seek to gain converts for Tarastia and make the religion of justice better-known and better-followed.

Also see the files on the statistics for Pana and Alexander