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Moonlight Madness in Karameikos

by Ripvanwormer

The 2nd edition adventure Moonlight Madness by Penny and Skip Williams looks like a fairly good fit for Karameikos and its environs. The main thing that caught my line was the evil baron Brant and his court wizard, Grim, who struck me as good analogues for Baron von Hendriks and Bargle. Brant is evil, but he seems more sensible than Ludwig von Hendriks is portrayed as being, keeping his bandit raids down to a level where it's cheaper for merchants to travel through his territory and pay him a toll rather than losing all trade, as von Hendriks seems to have done.

This is a weird adventure, centering around the PCs being infected with lycanthropy, but here are some quick ideas for substitutions:

Thornburg: This might be a little on the nose, but I'd use Wereskalot. This isn't technically Karameikos, of course, but it's in the right place in respect to the Black Eagle Barony with a nearby forest and northern mountains, and the description of Wereskalot in The Five Shires as a well-fortified city with ballistas and catapults on every watchtower fits with how Thornburg is described. And there are supposed to be lycanthropes nearby...

Ambush: The bandit ambush occurs on a small river called the Coldwater, a tributary of the Cruth, in the Achelos Woods.

Cold Springs: A small town in the Achelos Woods.

Snap: Make him a wooddrake instead of a faerie dragon.

Gypsies: The Darine.

Madame Esmerelda: Probably make her a Crone of Chaos.

Retch the Mongrelman: Any sort of ugly humanoid hybrid would do. He might conceivably be a deformed shadow elf.

Huttucilege: Ignore Barney the Criosphinx, or possibly replace him with a griffon.

Bertram: This article on Karameikan religion has Fort Doom hosting a cult called the Gens Celaenes; otherwise, I'd make him a cleric of Leptar or Alphaks. Orcus might be appropriate, thematically, as the cult of Orcus might be behind the PCs' lycanthropic curse.

Lhannahi: Probably make her a djinni rather than a janni.

Dolmin: Make him a randara rather than a rakshasa.

Sharptooth Valley: Put it in the Cruth Mountains, along the Magos River. I'd consider making the Stonefist barbarians and the Sisters of the Claw into neanderthals/brutemen. They could be descendants of the Traldar instead, similar to their cousins in the Lost Valley of Hutaaka.

Yaccra: Make her a gold dragon rather than a silver dragon.