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What's on this site?
  A mini gazetteer for the Gnomes of Deepreach.
This is my first try for such an extensive work. The Sea Gnomes are the result of an idea that originally tried to explain some historical details about Nithia and it's fall, Gnolls, and the creation of gnomes. Later on, through discussions with the "DM" Marco Dalmonte, and Geoff Gander, the idea went on to a timeline describing the gnomes in Nithian times. Currently the Gaz contains general information, history, and a new race.
The mini gaz is not finished, I am planning to have it done by the millennium's end...
Updated december 1st! - added some new technology.
The Glantrian Spell book
New spells from the scrolls of Glantrian nobles.
Updated November 24th!

-, for the craft of Fire Ellementalism
 (new as of december 1st)

  Elven Biology
As some wise gamer once said- "Elves are not humans with pointy ears!" this article is about how elves differ from humans on a biological scale, and how this affects behavioral differences between the races.

An Expansion Sheet for Morphail, the dark prince of Boldavia. And all of his Bloodlined Pawns! Including full expansions of the prince's siblings, spells, powers, magic items, dark minions, skills and more!
Updated december 1st!

Expansion on Sinaria Verlien

A piece about Magic in Mystara containing some information about the feel of different perceptions of magic, inspired by many other related posts from the MML.

Swords of Alhambra. Magical items made especially for the principality of Belcadiz, and for the mini gazetteer done by Jennifer Favia. (see links below).

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Hot Mystaran Links
  Shawn Stanley's site The official archive of the Mystara Mailing List. There isn't a Mystaran site more comprehensive on the WWW. Easy to search through categories and a search engine. A must for every Mystara fan.
  Valeria's Home page. The Dark Mist Manor. This is Jennifer Favia's excellent web site. Among other things, you can find about the mysterious Darine or Gypsies of Mystara. You can also read the wonderfully detailed- Belcadiz mini gazetteer, a creation that I am proud to have donated a small part of (see the Swords of Alhambra).
  DM -Marco Dalmonte home page Another mover and shaker of the world of Mystara. DM has lots of interesting and new ideas along side with selected files from other MML subscribers.
  The Yahoo member club- Travelers of Mystara where some of us MMLers come to chat and message.
Greg (Gecko) Weatherup's page   Home to the "ambassador project" among other things.

In Thibault Sarlat's Page you can find a horde of spells in Ad&D format arranged by theme/level. You can also find lots of cool maps and most important- many new "gazetteers" for Mystara in almanac format.

Definitely one of the most productive members of the MML, Carl Quaif has a page rich with new and fascinating magic for Mystara. Go and see Fahvarim Lorebook!

Our very own GPD or Glantrian Personal division has its own web site maintained by Markus Olavi Montola. Go There! you won't regret it!

* For even more links to Mystara dedicated fan sites, see the Mystara Web Ring at the bottom of this page.
Related (but) non Mystara Links
  Of Gods and Man an A to Z guide of gods and heroes from cultures all over the world.
   The vampire A to Z an A to Z guide about vampires in myth.

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About me and Mystara

My name is Ohad Shaham and I am 21 year old male from Israel.

I was recently released from military service. I am currently on vacation and working odd jobs until I will start University in october.
I hope to start gaming soon (well as soon as I get my friends together)
I have known and loved Mystara for 10 years, and played OD&D for the first 5 of these. What prompt me to make this web site is something called the Mystara Mailing List (or MML).
What is the MML?
The Mystaran Mailing List is an Email based forum discussing the world of Mystara. The mailing list members discuss the TSR published products and their own creations. Even though Mystara is no longer published commercially, the MML posts enrich and renew the game world all of the time making it more "alive" than it ever was.
You can join the MML by mailing - with the line "subscribe Mystara" at the body of the message.
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Current Projects I am working on for Mystara
The "Glantrian Personnel Project" which elaborates and expands Glantrian NPCs, and makes up knew ones.
The "Ambassador Project" a pool of NPC ambassadors of Mystara. For more information contact me by EMail ( or go to Greg Weatherup's page to see what we came up with.
Hebrew in role playing.
And more...
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 This site was last updated on- December 1st 1999

This site is under constant  construction. If you have anything to comment or contribute please contact me via EMail-

-Material is based on copyrighted products of TSR inc.
-All text on this page was written by Ohad Shaham unless otherwise stated.
-Use by permission only!


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