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Mugumba Mud-Dweller

by Håvard

The Mugumba Mud-Dwellers first appeared in the boxed set Champions of Mystara, Explorerís Manual p 57.
The Mugumba are a race of beaver-like humanoids found on the Serpent Peninsula. It is unclear whether they are the result of a magical experiment or have another origin.

Ability Adjustments: St -1, Dx +1, Co -1, Wis -1

Camouflage: At this level, the Mugumba learns to camouflage itself using plants and leaves, increasing his chance of surprise to 1-3 on 1d6.

Engineering: At this level, the Mugumba gets the Engineering Skill for free. If he has already selected the skill, he may choose another skill instead.

Water breathing: At this level, the Mugumba may use the Water Breathing spell on himself once per day.