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Expanding on the idea of multiple locations for the Palace of the Silver Princess

by Robin

Ok going with the idea of both locations existing

I based the location in Gullavia first using Francesco's AdriVarma map...The castle would then fall on the abandoned castle in the Dark Woods...These are the black lines.
If I use the B3 orange coverlocation and interpose these on Francesco's map the castle would be somewhat more north within the Moorfowl Mountains while these would be actually placed somewhat south. Eitherway this is the red location
If I place both location on the World map and connect them by a line, make this the axis of a circle, and create another line at 90 degrees we get the following figure.I do the same with the Red location, using red colors
We get two wheels, one red (based on the B3 location) and one black(based on the Black location).
The Black crosses 8 to 13 miles south of Glantri City, while the Red do cross exactly on the city. The B3 Red location seems to be the best fitting when following canon.

Now I see some weird coincidance....Possibly due my deep delving into the Radiance in my Great School of Magic Project and the inevitable decline of the Radiance in the Future....The cross lies exactly on Glantri City ...where the Nucleus of Sphere was placed Near 3000 BC The Nucleus of the Spheres was discovered by an Old One under the Valley of the Ancients. The Old One marvelled at the device and its energy output, the Radiance. He saw the chances and the danger it posed to the World in it. Most of all he saw was its temporary existence, and its effects on Mystara.
3000 BC 1 Nuwmont: The Great Rain of Fire. Just after the Rain of Fire the Old One moved and modified the Nucleus of the Spheres and placed it in a now empty natural chamber, 10.000 below the ruins of Redfen(current Glantri City). Also as Havard explained and the B1-9 canon of Have seem to explain was an immortal who placed Haven somewhat unreachable.
As there was no reason give...We can only look at the clues thus far.
1 the locations themselves, the linear distance between both, the exact middle of this distance. Then the population of Haven; all good /neutral humanoids, sidhe, fairies, elven, gnomes, dwarven in a single 'closed' community. Then the almost equal castles on both locations..
Would it not be possible that this immortal was one of the group as dictated by canon history placing a spell on the Nucleus to drain energy from the Sphere of energy with each use, in an attempt to balance the effects of the radiance on other spheres? And that as such the other location would also have an immortal doing the same.
And continuing this train of thought, using the 90degrees angled axis to locae two other locations we get in total 4 locations as with 4 elemental spheres agains the central energy sphere location of the Radiance.

This would mean we have two more "haven"locations one hidden in the Mengul Mountains- NW of Hule, and another near Bangore in Jalapur/Sind
The one in Gullavia could then be Entropy based (Due its proximety to many such sources/creatures l,ocally), the one in Have would be Time Based(due the proximity to water), the one in Mengul Mountains clearly Matter based, and the one in Jalawar Sind could be thought based and refer to legends (and I believe also adventuresD&D/AD&D, AD&D2 or even beyond) describing a castle of illusions appearing/dissapearing/existing invisible on that location.

All these castles follow the same architectural master mold, (being different only in the areas beyond this mold all are open to the same creatures. the Silver princess would most probably be a Sidhe (living extraordinarily long and loyal to the cause of protecting nature) living in this single castle all locations at once at the same time.

It would even make the imprisonment of Arik on this location locical...An immortal should be the force to enable this...and what's better/easier to do than use the energy of an immortal definetly needing severe punishment..
And as the Radiance weakens (something unexpected by the Immortals until 1009 it needed replenishment with immortal power) Arik could slowly weaken his bonds and eventually escape (and allowing the Radiance to decline unarrested) or he escapes in 1751 AC when the Radiance explodes.