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Cramming Nerath/PoL into Mystara

by Brian Rubinfeld

I'm aware the idea was considered over a decade ago, but that thread created a Mystara that was heavily divergent and ultimately favored the 4E meta-setting tropes. My idea is an inversion, having Nerath fit into the internal logic of Mystara, bending its meta-plot/universe to fit Mystara's as well. So, why this madness? In short, my previous thread on using the Vale in non-4e rules made me ponder a RC/BECMI game, which lead to this idea. People have tried to place the newer races, but that's usually as far as I've seen. While a previous thread suggested between Rockhome and Alfheim, this doesn't quite suit my needs. If possible, I'd like to bring much of the map from the Conquest of Nerath board game. Short of a new continent, I'm wondering how this is feasible. My idea is hopping west of Brun and just either carving up a space or making a new small one wholesale in between Brun and eastern Skothar. That way, I can tie the Nerathi version of Barrier Peaks into Blackmoor, since the Thonian reaches wouldn't be too far away either. Now, why do I keep cooking up these simply crazy ideas? I'm not sure, but I'll still have at it!

In the meantime, I have a few ideas of twisting the universe itself.