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Heroes of Mystara campaign journal

by Jesper Andersen

I decided to have a crack at writing a campaign journal myself. I did not want to start with level 1, since the first few levels were rather confusing and unfocused. This story picks up when they are about level 3-4 and returning to Karameikos after attending the Kerendan Days of the Hoof summer festival and tournament.

Heroes of Mystara

A campaign journal from the spring of 2002


Chapter 1: An unnerving visit from the past

Chapter 2: Palando's task

Chapter 3: House call

Chapter 4: Beware the dog!

Chapter 5: Too late

Chapter 6: An unlikely meeting

Chapter 7: The docks of Mirror Bay

Chapter 8: Scourge of the seas

Chapter 9: Stranded

Chapter 10: The hunt

Chapter 11: Pearls for the merchant prince

Chapter 12: Pygmies in the dark

Chapter 13: Experiencing the city

Chapter 14: A nightly visitor

Chapter 15: To the palace

Chapter 16: A meeting in the palace garden

Chapter 17: A wizardly bargain

Chapter 18: The tribune's offer

Chapter 19: On the road to Punaauia

Chapter 20: Revenge of the Iron Ring

Chapter 21: Rafting

Chapter 22: Separated

Chapter 23: Searching for each other

Chapter 24-199