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Naming magic items

by JTrithen

I have used a similar vein in descriptions of magical items, assigning names for the different levels of 'plusses.' PC's might discover the extant of power through combat or otherwise (that is, determining whether it was "+1," "+2," or whatever); but, in having the item identified or otherwise having its level of enchantment determined by, say, a high-level magic-user, it would be described as outlined below, according to its level of power....

Enchanted (+1)
Incanted (+2)
Further notes: often with runes on them, having been permanently enhanced through solemn magical ceremonies.
Ensorcelled (+3)
Further notes: these powerful items are usually enhanced through dark magic and bewitching.
Endowed (+4)
Further notes: these items are often “touched” by the more powerful benevolent and talented creatures of otherworldly planes, or are naturally imbued with forces of the earth, the elements and/or other facets of the universe’s natural energies.
Supernatural (or "imbued;" +5)

Further notes: these were just rumored to exist; this was just for fun, to tease the characters. They would be “supernaturally”-enhanced weapons, which are between the divinely-influenced artifacts of Immortality and the greatest powers from the multiverse.

I didn't hammer these out with much detail other than that, of course. The idea was to keep things mysterious, and avoid describing that acquired treasures were simply a number of "plusses" in their level of power.