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Cthulhudrew, The Great Old One wrote

> Plus there is still any amount of work to be done on the definitive
> Immortal Catalogue (for want of a better name), wherein we have been
> attempting to list the important dates of the Immortals (and I don't mean
> who's going out with whom...) such as their 'birth date' (when they
> became Immortal), as well as possible guesses, etc. on their formal
> mortal identities, in order to try and link them more closely with the
> world of Mystara.

To further aid such a project I thought it might be good to compile a list of all those mortals who in the campaign are currently questing for Immortality. Also added are any beings of an exalted status who may be confused with immortals.

Immortals of the Known World - Nearly Immortals v1.2

by Shawn Stanley

Barimoor: MU36 questing for immortality in the sphere of Energy. GAZ 2 gives a detailed account of where Barimoor's plans for immortality stand as at AC 1000. It also guesses that it will take about two centuries for the plans to be completed. (GAZ 2, page 49)

Chuarbhidhe: Chuarbhidhe is a pooka who has attained an exalted status and is probably the Monster Ruler for pookas. (PC1, page 53)

Doriath: Elf 10/attack class I possibly questing for immortality in the sphere of Time. As of AC 1000 it was believed that Doriath was actively following this path to immortality, although by AC 1000 he has been unable to find a time travel device. (GAZ 5, page 74)

Étienne d'Ambreville (Rad). If as a result of Mark of Amber the PCs attain partial success then Étienne will be a mortal who will be undoubtedly trying to attain immortality in the sphere of Energy starting all over again in AC 1012. If the PCs fail utterly then Étienne may one day be in a position to try again for immortality. If the PCs succeed completely then Étienne will be a full immortal again. (MoA)

Kaladan (The Mastershaper): M36/WTI21 questing for immortality in the sphere of Entropy. There is no indication on how long Kaladan has been questing for immortality nor how long he has to go, most of the problem here of course stems from a lack of information on the path to Entropic immortality. (PC4, page 6)

Leo Variantia (Shapechanger): F34/T18/M14/C13/WTI36/WFO13/WBA9/WBE10 questing for immortality in the sphere of Matter. Leo has been questing since about AC 500 and as of AC 1000 is on his final quest. There is every possibility that by the present, AC 1014, that he has achieved immortality. (PC4, page 8)

Mylertendal: MU36 questing for immortality in the sphere of Energy. She started questing for immortality about AC 900 although she is no hurry to attain it. Because she has a magically extended life of about 255 years she quite possibly died during the Week Without Magic AC 1009 and there is a good possibility that she may not have been subsequently wished back to life. (DotE book 1, page 46)

Starwatcher: E10/magic level 20 possibly questing for immortality in the sphere of Energy. As of AC 1000 it was believed that Starwatcher was looking into questing for immortality. There is no idea after this even if he is questing for immortality at all. (GAZ 5, page 60-1)

Travestis: 34TT/10D questing for immortality in the sphere of Entropy. Travestis is a treant who is part of an adventure seed in PC1. The idea of the adventure is to stop Travestis blighting part of the Canolbarth Forest and thus completing the testimony part of his quest. The end of the little adventure would probably have seen the death of Travestis. I on the other hand prefer the little adventure to never have happened. If Travestis had a hand in the Shadow Elves invasion of Alfheim then this may be considered to be completing the testimony part of the path, I believe that the negative view of the help he had in achieving the testimony would be offset by the larger than necessary area of blight caused.

If Travestis is allowed to survive careless adventurers and also have the blighting of Canolbarth Forest to account for his testimony then that leaves him in AC 1007 with only his task to complete before he achieves immortality. There is no indication how long this would take. (PC1 part II, page 15)

Tylion IV (Master Terari): M36 questing for immortality in the sphere of Thought. Tylion only decided to start questing for immortality not long before AC 1000. It is said that Tylion is in hurry to achieve immortality. It has been suggested by Victor Caminha that Tylion has found a sponsor in Ssu-Ma by following his goals of literacy and scholarship. And indeed the creation of the Karameikan School of Magecraft could be considered his task and his testimony is in finding a good enough student who could end up being his successor. (DotE book 1, page 53)