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New old Immortals

by Simone Neri

I know the following will cause you a lot of headache, but I found the following references to Immortals while checking old modules and some Dungeon Magazine's adventures:

- Ariana (from "The Fountain of Health" adventure in Dungeon #39): this Immortal is said to be a little-known identity of Alphatia. A temple to her was risen in Glantri (centuries ago, when divine magic wasn't forbidden still); this site was more of an hospice than a real temple, and was located near a magical spring which had healing powers. The hospice was run by the Order of the Golden Fountain. In AC 861, the site was reached by an army of cleric-hating Glantrians, who sent a stone golem to destroy the temple (this act caused the spring to become poisonous, but the curse was lifted a couple of decades ago, i.e. in AC 980-90).

- Kiranjo (from "MS2 - Maze of the Riddling Minotaur"): this Immortal is a bull-headed god called 'the Minotaur'; he's a foul and evil deity who favours sacrifices in his name and raids against other people. Kiranjo was venerated in Vacros, a far island (perhaps located south of Minaea), until its capital city was destroyed by the rival city of Cathos. Perhaps Kiranjo could be another identity of Gylgarid.

- Skorpios (from "Pride of the Sky" adventure in Dungeon #20): this Immortal is the patron of manscorpions, venerated by a tribe of these creatures whose lair is located in a weird cave in the Broken Lands. They've a temple of Skorpios there, and the tribe includes more than 50 adults. Perhaps 'Skorpios' could be an alias of one of the better-known manscorpions' Immortals (like Atzanteotl?).

AFAIK there are not additional references to Immortals in other Dungeon Magazine's OD&D adventures. So, what do you say?