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Rules of Engagement: Equity

by Frank Mentzer

Framework: Immortals are of a different order; mortals are common and expendable. But all new immortals arise from mortals. Blessed be the Prime, the womb of reality, whence immortality blooms. Let all Reality (as mortals understand it) be categorized as Matter with Energy, formed by Thought & Purpose, within a realm of Time, and Entropy shall ensure transience, change, and evolution.

Interactions with the Prime shall be based on Equity, a principle of equality and fairness. Should immortal powers intervene on the prime, others may counter them (exactly), to keep the balance. Entropy can override everywhere (as directed by The One, the merging of the five Hierarch minds), but spheres associated with infractions can also become involved on a limited scale.

When Immortal PCs deal with mortal monsters per se, the main consideration is their removal from their locality, and what consequences that invokes in the long run. (Time might be consulted about probability branches.)

all based on gold box, not the "let's go duke it out with the gods" approach found elsewhere.