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NPC quirks

by Ann Dupuis

DM / NPC personality tip:
Here's one way to give an NPC depth: quirks!
Example: Grand Magist Cassia Alciana, Resident of the Island of Sclaras
Quirk (1 of many): She has a Wand of Flying that she enchanted herself decades before (several decades prior to the Alphatian Spike, during which she distinguished herself greatly).
So what?
Well, this Wand of Flight casts the Fly spell at the level of M20-something (I forget the exact level) rather than the full 6 hours of flight she can cast as an M36 with the 3rd level Fly spell...
... and has 50 charges (so occasionally needs to be recharged)...
... and when she waves it colorful sparkling lights fly out of it to the target...
... as she says in a cheerful voice "You can fly!" (pointing at first target). "And you can fly!" (pointing at second target) and so on, ending with "And I can fly!" as she waves the wand at herself.
Mission accomplished: A Grand Magist with personality.