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In the Italian MMB, we have been discussing the history of north-eastern Brun -- Wendar, Denagoth, Ghyr, but also Norwold and the Wildlands. For ease of reference, I've collected a timeline of Northern-Eastern Brun, based on the Wendar and Denagoth timeline, the works on Littonia, Kaarjala, Wyrmsteeth and the Heldannic Knights, and the discussions on the placement of Ghyr and the XL1 events in the Italian MMB.

Here are the results:

A Timeline of the North

by Giampaolo Agosta

XXX century BC The Korrigan create the Elvenstar; the Brute race of Ghyr is created.
XXVIII century BC Antalians conquer the Ghyr region as well as the Plains of Avien
XXVII century BC The Denagothian half-human tribes migrate to the wildlands north of the Plains of Avien
XXIV century BC Rise of the Antalian culture in Norwold
2120 BC The Genalleth Elves reach Wendar
2087 BC Foundation of the barbarian Kingdom of Denagoth by warrior-queen Jotakk
1900 BC Foundation of the first Dragon Kingdom of Wyrmsteeth
1725 BC Loark's horde invasion; fall of the Antalian culture, fall of Denagoth
1700 BC The Glantrian explosion causes a nuclear winter in Wendar and Denagoth
1688 BC Death of the elven leader Enoreth
XI century BC Antalians settle in Wendar
V century BC Elven colonists from Shiye-Lawr found the Foresthomes in Norwold
I century AC Foundation of Kaarjala and Littonia
125 AC Foundation of the Wendarian League
V century AC Foundation of Leehashire
563 AC Foundation of the Kingdom of Essuria
VII century AC Foundation of the Barony of Ghyr, a vassal of the Essurian kings
640 AC White Bear River battle (Pojaara-Frosthaven alliance vs. Kaarjala-Littonia-Leehashire alliance)
648 AC Naga River battle (Essuria vs. Genalleth and Antalians)
698 AC The barbarian warlord Henadin invades Essuria
718 AC Death of Henadin, foundation of Gereth Minar
748 AC Second Essuria-Wendar war (Essuria vs. Genalleth, Geffronell and Antalians)
ca. 800 AC First Alphatian attempt to colonise Norwold
828 AC Foundation of the modern Dragon Kingdom of Wyrmsteeth
876 AC The Avien tribes secede from Essuria
898 AC Landryn Teriak becomes King of Essuria
900 AC Foundation of Oceansend
906 AC Gylharen starts uniting Wendar
907 AC Landryn Teriak launches attacks against the barbarian tribes and Wendar
908 AC The warlord Henadin "returns from the dead" to destroy Essuria
909 AC Landryn Teriak is defeated, Drax Tallen falls
910 AC Gylharen crowned King of Wendar; Ghyr baronies become fully independent
915 AC The Prism Wars begin in Ghyr
934 AC Landryn Teriak establishes a new Kingdom of Denagoth from the Tower of Gereth Minar
935 AC End of the Prism Wars and foundation of the Kingdom of Ghyr
938 AC Second invasion of the Shadowlord
948 AC King Qasmar of Ghyr dies, King Ganto takes his place
950 AC Conquest of Haldisvall by the Hattian knights of Vanya
952 AC Foundation of the Heldannic Territories
960 AC Oceansend claims independence
960 AC King Gylharen is fully transformed into an elf
980 AC Landryn Teriak, the Shadowlord, restored by the Idris cult, returns to Gereth Minar
984 AC Orcish invasion of Leehashire
985 AC The Heldannic Order is recognised as a sovereign nation by most Known World governments
985 AC Quest for the Heartstone in Ghyr
992 AC Alphatians found Alpha, and the Kingdom of Norwold
995 AC Lernal the Swill named governor of Landfall

Now, I'd like to analyse a few points from the Wendar/Denagoth Timeline. Here are the Kings of Denagoth, according to the Denagoth/Wendar timeline. All years are AC.

Nebunar 563-595
Dallovan 595-628
Naga 628-648
<civil war> 648-658
Ranyn 658-688
Gereth 688-733
Minar 733-758
Landru 758-774
Beldan 774-788
Naren 788-808

Gallathon 843-868
Mirimar 868-888
Vespen 888-898
Landryn 898-909

There's at least one issue with this timeline, namely the fact that Halvan (1) is supposed to have been a prince (otherwise his apprenticeship with Bensarian is harder to explain) and (2) inherits the throne only later in his life (but here his reign lasts some 30 years).
Also, it is unlikely that Halvan could discover and keep the Blackstick under the reign of a puppet king.

So, I'd rather modify the timeline, by extending Naren's and Gallathon's reign and shortening Halvan's, reducing Idris' control on the kings from Beldan to Vespen (none of the known ones was likely to be involved with the Church of Idris to any extent, and neither would Halvan's father or brother), and having them introduce or switch their support to the cult of He Who Watches (IMO an identity of the Star Dragon).

He Who Watches also happens to be the main patron of Ghyr, it helps fitting Ghyr as a former borderland of Essuria that becomes independent after Teriak's defeat by the forces of Henadin.
The XL1 timeline allows this easily, since if Landryn is defeated in 909 AC, then XL1 must happen circa 985 AC, due to the length of the lives and reigns of the two kings of Ghyr (Qasmar and Ganto).
985 AC is a good temporal location for XL1, since it allows the characters Figgen, Strongheart, Mercion, etc. to be of companion level by 1000 AC, when they (at least, Figgen) are settled in Ierendi.
This also allows Strongheart and Mercion to be king and queen of Ierendi for a short while between Palik and Marianna (GAZ monarchs) and Reston and Tristilia (PWA monarchs).